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DVD Burner Software

Tips on selecting DVD burner software: versions and operating systems

The DVD, or Digital Versatile Disc, is a disc platter on which data may be stored. Any digital data may be stored on a DVD, whether the data is a document, an image, digital music, or a digital movie. The DVD is notable for the amount of data that can be stored on the disk, with capacities of 4.7 and 8.54 gigabytes, for single-sided, single-layer disks, and 9.4, or 7.08 gigabytes for the double-sided, double-layer type. The disk is substantially a polycarbonate, a plastic. The material on which the data is recorded is generally aluminum. (more…)

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MP3 Players vs. Ipods

I first bought a digital MP3 player several years ago when the devices were still pretty new to the consumer market. I wanted a convenient way to listen to audio books or my fave music while on my morning walk every day.

At that time, there were only a few different digital MP3 players to choose from, so it didn’t take me long to compare features and prices, and to make a selection.

1408236969_GoNow, after all these years of fine service, my old device has finally given out on me, which means that it’s time for me to buy a new digital MP3 player.

Should I get an ipod? Maybe an Ipad? Or just an iphone6 because it’s shiny and new.

I hadn’t really been keeping up with new portable music device trends, so I didn’t know what to expect when I visited my local electronics store. Of course I had heard of the incredible popularity of the Apple iPod and I knew that this was currently the leading digital MP3 player on the market.

I figured that I would see a lot of iPods on the electronics store shelves. What I wasn’t prepared for was the sheer number of digital MP3 players that are available these days. I saw devices from companies like iRiver, Creative, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, and many more that I can’t even remember right now. I was blown away by the range of choices, styles, colors, song capacities, and prices. Obviously it was going to take me a lot longer to find the best digital MP3 player this time around. (more…)

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Do you like Girls as much as I do?

Girls, the tv show is a very special program.

Lena Dunham and Allision Williams and the rest of the cast are doing a stellar job of showing what life is like for young people growing up in the big city.

Sure it is slightly reminiscent of Sex In The City at times, but has a gritty flavor that is so much different. I love it!

Here are some videos you should watch about Girls

More videos about Girls on HBO

Allison Williams with Craig Fergusan

Lena Dunham and Allison Williams

Got health?

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Magic City is Cancelled by Starz

Magic City just recently aired it’s 8th and final episode of it’s 2nd season on Starz. It turns out it will be the last episode ever because Starz has cancelled Magic City.

It’s hard to imagine Starz becomming an actual player in original programming as they also cancelled the acclaimed “Boss” with Kelsey Grammer after just 2 season.

It’s bad enough they only show 8 episodes, which is more like a mini series than a real tv show series, but they pull shows that are getting Emmy nominations and great buzz.

I was really rooting for Starz, but now each time I watch any new programming on them I have to wonder if my new favorite show will come back.

The former “movie only network” that originally brought us theatrical movies was doing an impressive job bringing us new original series like Crash, Head Case and Party Down but the only problem is they abandoned the shows just like they are now cancelling Magic City.

If I were a producer of a tv series I would do everything possible NOT to sign with Starz as they never seem to go beyond the 1 or 2 season mark. At least on Cinemax, Showtime and HBO you have a chance of getting a series developed more than a season or two.

So – I bid farewell to one of the best shows ever on TV – Magic City (along with Crash and Boss) and only hope there is a way for the producers to take this high quality franchise somewhere so that we can see what happens with Ben Diamond after the short second season finale left us hanging. (more…)

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FXX and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Are we going to miss the new season of Sunny on FXX?


OK – so you too may be seeing all the commercials on FX promoting the new FXX channel coming in Sept. 2013

I was worried I would miss my favorite comedy show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia as the FX Network is sending them to the new network, because as Charlie Day said on Jimmy Fallon – what else do you do with a show going into it’s 9th season rather than change networks… 9rough quote from memory).

But there is no need to worry that we will miss It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on the new FXx because it seems that what they are doing is simply siwtching the programming on Fox Soccer to FXX. I just checked and xFinity is already showing the Fix Soccer Channel in HD so I should be good to go. If you already have Fiox Soccer then you should be fine too.

Check your local listings to see if you will be good to go for FXX in september when the new network launches.

The new FXX

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Big Brother 15 on CBS is Fun to Watch!

Big Brother Fans deserve HD. I am still upset.

Let me just say that I like Big Brother and it is fun to watch. Big Brother 15 has a good cast and it’s been exciting thanks to some of the changes they have made to how people are nominated for eviction.


Some of the house guests are really fun to watch – especially when they self-destruct which is happening earlier this season!

That said, CBS and the producers of BB15 are really blowing it and sticking it to Big Brother fan’s by what they are NOT doing – you know not broadcasting in HD High Definition like all other tv shows.

I guess the producers and CBS just don’t care about the loyal viewers. After all right now CBS and producers of Big Brother are enjoying some good buzz and improved ratings by getting in the news because of the “racism controversy” involving stupid mean remarks by a house guest.

I do not want to diminish the hurt feelings of the other house guests who are upset by the racism, but this is just one person being stupid and mean – it is CBS trying to make the RACISM bring in more viewers and buzz. I get it. That’s how tv works.

You get that part – why not the part about delivering a high quality broadcast?

It is frustrating because there is not much I can do. Either I watch and accept it or else. It feels like they are forcing me to accept something.

Usually when TV shows do stupid things or are bad or are NOT in HD I just SKIP OVER IT and walk away. You don’t think much about what you are missing when you are not a longtime viewer.

But when you love a show like Big Brother and you feel they are just blowing it and doing annoying stuff – it is harder because you can’t walk away from it like you can a dud new series.

And that’s why it hurts more. It feels like CBS and the producers know they have a loyal base and therefor can skimp on upgrading the cameras to HD and be cheap about making the show truly competitive with broadcasting in 2013.

How come Survivor could do it? Didn’t it cost them more money to upgrade their cameras to HD? But Mark Burnett is a pro and they accepted that HD was the standard years ago.

For some reason Big Brother can’t make the change and are the last to broadcast in NON-HD. I’m sure they are losing viewers who are flipping channels and are seeing the old non-hd screen size. I do it. I do not watch shows that are not in HD. They usually suck and are old – why would I watch them when all the other channels have nice big fantastic pictures of high quality?

I find it hard to believe I am one of the only ones publicly calling them out on not broadcasting in HD. Everyone in the USA these days has HD tv sets and and every show on all of the networks, big and small, except Big Brother is in HD.

That’s insulting. They’re taking advantage of our loyalty and giving us a poor viewing experience and are sticking it to us. If they know they’re doing this it’s bad but maybe they’re just bad at their jobs and don’t understand the importance of the viewing experience and how fans of a show feel.

I’m not saying the producers or the network in charge of Big Brother are complete idiots – they’re not – they do have a good cast who is doing enough to keep the show in the air. The show is getting noticed more and people are getting more engaged because the fans are spreading the word and the executives are exploiting the controversy.

This racism thing for example… CBS and the show are milking this big time. Did you see the full screenwarning message at the beginning of the show. The black screen saying the network does not condone or agree with the racism in the house? Give me a break. Like anything that is happening in a competition reality tv show could really get the network in trouble. It’s a reality tv show and people do stupid stuff – it’s not reflective of the producers or network showing it – but hey – I understand you guys want to milk the moment and make this “racism” thing a news item so more people will talk and watch.

It is working because people who do not watch the show and know I am watching it are asking me about the controversial house guest who is a racist. It’s a news item which is good PR.

That’s good marketing to get the word out – but you should be more considerate of the many fans who religiously watch Big Brother and throw them a bone and improve the viewing experience by going HD like we deserve.

At the very least the LIVE eviction shows on each Thursday which are taped in a STUDIO with a studio audience should be broadcast in HD. What is your excuse there? Show Julie Chen and the audience and extra features in HD and show the HOUSE STUFF in NON-HD. Even though that still sucks it’s better than dumbing down everything.

Now – what is the story with TVGN (TV Guide Network) and Big Brother After Dark?

It too is not in HD and they are constantly CENSORING the dialogue. They are trigger happy and ruining the experience.

You can barely listen to what the houseguests are saying because whoever is sitting on the censor button is constantly hitting it and blocking those dangerous words.

The live stuff shouldn’t be censored. It’s not network tv. F/X and other networks don’t censor those 9 words, do they? At least Showtime was fun because they ran Big Brother After Dark without cutting out the dirty dialogue. TVGN cuts out whole sentences so you can’t understand what they are talking about. It is next to worthless to watch BB After Dark on TVGN.

They say they have gotten better and that it was the first episode they were trigger happy – sorry – you guys at TVGN must not be fans and are not watching because you rarely can get a full sentence and understand any dialogue.

Now Big Brother itself is not the kind of tv show that should be squeeky clean. The show would be much better on another network.

You are successful despite the fact this kind of a show would do better if it was on F/X or another modern network that wasn’t so paranoid about protecting us from swear words and pixelizing butt cracks or cleavage. (CBS is the worst – they don’t want us to see butt cracks ever!)

It’s 2013 so stop trying to pretend you are Disney in 1975 – we are not offended by a handful of everyday words almost all people use.

Now – one more thing – Big Brother producers – owners of the rights have been lazy and NOT releasing old seasons of Big Brother on DVD. They released a few but not all.

That’s too bad. I gave up bitching about that a long time ago. The producers are too busy or don’t care enough or don’t want that little bit of money. it’s not about satisfying the fans – it’s purely an economic thing, right – like with the cameras???

Now – since you are not filming new Big Brother episodes in HD, it will be even harder for you to put out the seasons on DVD because people who watch DVDS on their high def tv screens want the best quality they can get.

You will lose by not filming in HD as DVD purchasers will be disappointed. But you don’t care about DVD sales. Oh that’s right.

In any event – this anger over the lack of High Definition is taking over from what would normally be a much more enthusiastic viewing experience of Big Brother.

I’d normally be writing about the house guests and the racism and the controversy, but here I am feeling ripped off and angry and spending my valuable writing time bitching about a tv show I am enjoying.

I guess the fun writing may come some other time if I can get over the hard feelings.

For now I will just say I do dig the show – the cast is good – it’s fun to watch and see all the crazy shit going on.

Last night, Sunday July 15th,2013 was a great episode (episode 8 by the way) as it was fun to watch the losing part of the house melt down. It was also fun to watch the footage from TVGN from Friday and Saturday AM (the days before Sunday’s show).

In less than 3 weeks the house is already getting divided and the true colors of some mean spirited people are coming out bigger, bolder and sooner than usual.

I must say that idea for the BB MVP and adding the 3rd nominee was a smart one. It did freshen up the game and make it more fun.

Now if you could just all get on the same page and make BB the best it could be we would all be happy.

Read more about TVGN and the CENSORSHIP and HD Issues at Reality Blurred


More on Big Brother 15 at CBS


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Big Brother 15 is back but NOT HD

Is it really possible a major network like CBS with a winning tv franchise back for it’s 15th season is STILL NOT in HD High Definition?

Yes – that is what is going on as a new season of Big Brother 15 hit last not and still using those old cameras going back all those years.

WTF CBS – get modern and treat your vewers and Big Brother fans with respect and give them an HD show experience. Even holdouts like Survivor have gone HD for many seasons now. If you really beliee in the show you can’t keep ramming the OLD non-HD programming down our hroats.

WTF CBS – get with the program.

Also check out Big Brother 15 on Tumblr

Big Brother 15 is NOT HD

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Comcast DVR’s vs Directv Recorders

Well, I must say I do miss my Directv!

I recently moved from my house in Laguna Beach and am now staying with family for a few months until I find my place. I put all my stuff in storage but did bring my TV and am set up with Comcast xFinity and my own DVR.

While I have had experience with Comcast in the past on my visits to family, now I am switched over from my beloved Directv DVR’s (three of them – 1 was a Tivo)

Sure, it’s great to get HD TV and be able to record my shows, but there are a few quirks that make it harder to embrace Comcast Xfinity.

The first thing that is hard to deal with is the programming does not go out 14 days like Directv and Tivo did on my old DVR’s. I am lucky to get 7 days although they say 10 days is their max. I don’t know about that. When the DVR was brand new it was filled with TO BE ANNOUNCED and even now 3 weeks later I still get way too many TBA’s which makes it hard to schedule ahead and set up new series to be recorded.

I also have quickly filled up my DVR to 80 % and I haven’t even tried. There may be a DVR with greater capacity but this is really cramping my style.

Now the one thing that does make Xfinity shine in comparison to Directv is their ON DEMAND.

While Directv does have On Demand which I was able to get through the internet connection – the Xfinity On Demand is fast and immediate. They also have a larger stash of “archived” programming.

In fact if it weren’t for their large library of archived on demand shows and movies it would be difficult to watch everything I wanted. But instead of recording I can find most of them in the On Demand section – even from the premium channels.

Now – Directv has MANY MORE HD channels than Xfinity.

However – I have been bummed out to find that some shows on the Xfinity On Demand do not let you fast forward or only allow 2 speed slow fast forward and some play commercials.

So what ratings do I give each one?

Directv 4.5 stars out of 5 (it could be improved)

Comcast Xfinity 4 out of 5 stars (lots could be improved)

Either way – you must have either of these services along with DVR’s if you are to enjoy watching tv the way that you want it in this modern age. There simply is no place in my life fr having to be somewhere at a certain time to watch a tv show. I want to watch it when I want to!

Get a DVR and watch the HD programming! It’s the best way to watch TV.


Comast Xfinity DVR – videos about them

Directv HD Channels – there are more of them


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There is some great stuff on tv now!

Southland and The Americans.

by Mike Liebner

I have to say that it is a very rich time for watching tv shows!

When I say rich I mean there have been some stellar programs delivering some of the best I’ve seen on tv in a long time. The quality level just keeps going up as more networks and channels are bringing us original programming.

Recently for example I have been digging a few really good shows, one of which just totally blew me away with perhaps the most powerful episode I have ever seen – Southland.

Oh man… the other night as I was watching Southland I was actually feeling the pain of being there as I watched 2 of the Los Angeles police officers being kidnapped, tortured and killed by crack heads.

I can’t say I have ever seen anything this gripping on tv before.

Southland has been around a few years and somehow keeps getting better. It was moved to TNT which thankfully has kept improving it and the show is a total mind blower.

It’s close to the end of it’s season I believe so we’ll soon lose it until it comes back (it better!).

Another show that is top quality and right up there with Southland as far as originality and perfection in delivery, is The Americans on FX Network.

In fact they have had some pretty hairy scenes too that have so much impact you almost jump out of your seat.

And the violence while extreme is not gratuitous. It is part of the story and makes the message have max impact.

So – that’s all for now. Just wanted to point out how there is some really great stuff on tv right now!

Watch these videos:

Southland TNT

The Americans Trailers



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Banshee is Best Show On TV

OK – the first season of Banshee on Cinemax just ended, so techinically it WAS the best show on tv! Banshee is a show about the sick twisted underside of things we all do our best to keep out of our lives. It’s fun to watch!


Banshee Season 1 Finale Trailer

Man – I have to admit – I didn’t expect I would like this show as much as I did. I did immediately connect with it from the first episode a few months ago, and it became one of my favorites on tv.

It quickly turned into my favorite guilty pleasure.

There are not many tv shows I feel the need to watch as soon as they come out – but Banshee is certainly one of them.

It was a short season – and the season finale last night March 15th, 2o13 was a great way to end it.

Fortunately they showed a tease of it coming back in 2014.

I hope they do more episodes – but it seems like premium channel original programming in general doesn’t like to do more than a handful of episodes each “season” (more like annually).

Too bad – this show should be on at least for 2 seasons and have a good 11 episode run twice a year.

Well, that’s what we’d be doing if I were a tv executive.

So – what was so great about Banshee on Cinemax?

Well – compared to conventional network tv it thrived on the freedom to push things to the limit.

The story was always compelling and the characters were always interesting but what was especially appealing was taking action sequences and fight scenes for example to their most outrageous conclusion.

Combine that with the odd out of place contradictions like the Amish factor vs the Russian Mob and you have some pretty diverse themes going on.

The bottom line however is that the people behind producing Banshee are the reason this show worked.

It just clicked.

It clicked because they had a great vision and translated it into the best they could do.

It had flavor and substance but wasn’t afraid to be outrageous.

Too often network tv shows suffer from what feels like constraints.

The Following for example is a pretty good tv show – but after watching a show like Banshee it just doesn’t have that oomph. Watching the Following is just not as satisfying.

Yes you could say it just is not as good of a tv show – and that is true – but me – I feel like something about it is wrong or missing in The Following – and I think what is missing most is the passion that went into the making of a show like Banshee.

If you missed it – try to catch Banshee on DVD or however they release it. I realize a lot of people do not have Cinemax and it is worth having, but surely it will end up in other places.

So – if you see an opportunity to catch season one of Banshee I say go for it! If you are like me you will love it!

**** Then again – I am the guy that loved the Crank movies – so consider that…

Watch these Banshee Videos:

Banshee on Cinemax – selection of videos

Banshee Town of Secrets – featurette with David Schickler and Jonathan Tropper, the co-creators of Banshee

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