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Celeb Photos – Pamela Anderson and the Tranvestite

TV Robot’s Favorite Celeb Photos – Pamela Anderson and the Tranvestite

Is that Pam???

In our search for good tv star and celeb photos we have uncovered yet another fun one of Stacked TV star Pamela Anderson (Pammy) from a hip magazine photo.

Pamela appears side by side with a tranny!

Which one is the transvestite???

The one on the right of course!

Popular Pam is no doubt a favorite Halloween costume for cross dressers in West Hollywood come the holidays!

Stay tuned for more hot celeb pics, especially ones featuring our fave tv star Pamela Anderson!

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Big Brother All Stars Season Finale Recap for Tivo People

Big Brother All Stars Season Finale Recap for Tivo People by Roxanne McDonald

Big Brother All Stars It’s a surprise for those of you who have yet to watch your Tivo’ed Big Brother All Stars finale, so do not read this SPOILER if you want to keep the outcome a secret from yourself.

As you probably know, if you are a big fan of the show, Boogie and Erika, the showmance turned homance, are the final two in the BB House. 

So, first, I would ask for a moment of silence for the past boy-girl flirtations that ended in the girl getting burned.

The finale began with a five-minute recap of significant moments in BB history.  After a shot of Erika and Boogie in formal regalia – Erika in black gown and Mike in derby and matching sport coat – we got a recap of exile island’s last guest: the jury members speculated on who was coming in next, and as he had done before, Marcellas dreaded out loud the arrival of the very person who showed up. 

Though Howie and George, agreeing for once, think it’s Boogie, it is in fact Janelle.  She appears in red gown with tiara and does a presentation pose that puts showroom spokesmodels to shame.

Janelle explains who did what to whom and says Ericka is a “b-i-t-c-h,” eliciting agreement and much discussion.  It is also Janelle who says not to let a floater win, but Danielle, ever the voice of sanity, reminds them that when it is a boy villain he is glamorized but when it’s a girl who’s the villain she is “disgusting”.

Somebody notes how Erika was on the block three times, and though they all had the opportunity to vote her out they didn’t.  Dani reminds them that there are no rules about floating, or cheating, or even about being loyal to oneself.

Will speaks for Boogie (uuhv course), saying that he did what he needed to when he rode coattails, won competitions, etc.. (more…)

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Happy Lap Dancing With The Stars

Is that a Lap Dance or Are You Just Happy To See Me??? By Roxanne McDonald 

Dancing With The Stars Season 3 of Dancing with the Stars has begun with much promise of celebrity talent, star effort, and famous judging compliments and cuts. 

The judges are the same, giving viewers a delightful balance of knowledgeable and dancer-supportive commentary and witty and campy and carping critique.

And then there was Tucker Carlson…

Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli were in true form for episode one, and brought many a thoughtful and entertaining evaluation. 

And equally witty is the returning host, Tom Bergeron, who will pass off to the spokesperson backstage, Samantha Harris.Political pundit and MSNBC news anchorman Tucker Carlson danced with Elena Grineko to “Dancin’ in the Street.”  Tucker, who looks like a cross between John Denver and the Bridges brothers, mad the performance delightful to watch, as he and Elena were playful and cute.  They earned a pitifully low score of 12, however, from the judges.

It was more of a lap dance than a cha cha.

Pop teen idol Monique Coleman and partner Louis Van Amstel (who danced with Lisa Rinna last season) did a dance to “Baby Love, Monique’s sultry and satiny pink gown making for a stunning visual along with the fluid and passionate dancing.  (more…)

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Rock Star Supernova Finale Opens a New Chapter

 Rock Star Supernova Finale Opens a New Chapter by Roxanne McDonald

Okay, rocker purists, I was on the mark all along, and told you whenever I had the chance about how his talent and skill, his evocative and provocative style, and even his look would or should take him to winning.    

And Yee-hah!  Lukas has earned the right to front SuperNova.

The whole show was, well, super (and not just cause I got my way).

Brooke introduces the best of the best in the world – the final four, Magni, Toby, Dilana, and Lukas. 

She describes the previous night’s performances (part one of the finals) as “epic”, and shows clips of highlights.  Introducing the best of the best SuperNova and Dave Navarro, she prompts their thoughts on the remaining four.  Dave addresses Tommy, Gilbey, and Jason, saying how they can’t lose and how he can’t wait to see who he’ll be on tour with.

Brooke also reports that the previous night’s voting volume broke records across America, Iceland, and Australia. (more…)

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Don’t Spoil Rockstar Supernova For Me

Don’t Spoil Rockstar Supernova For Me by Mike Liebner

I know the season is already over but I have Tivo and it helps me watch all the great shows…  

Problem is Tivo has lots of stuff on it’s hard drive waiting for me each night. I can barely keep up. In fact I have two Tivo’s stuffed with all kinds of great programs.

In fact I still have the final two episodes to NYPD Blue, and West Wing on there waiting to be watched, not to mention most of last seasons episodes of The O.C. and Desperate Housewives.

So, you can see why I have fallen behind and am still not up to the Finale as the rest of the world is with Rock Star Supernova.

It’s not that I do not like the show, I do… It’s just that in the scheme of things it is not so urgent to watch it when I have Big Brother and now Survivor Cook Islands tugging at my consciousness.

So, where am I at with Rock Star Supernova???

Well, thepast 2 days I have watched 4 episodes throughout the days in the background while I did some work. Problem is more often than not I found it grabbing my full attention.It was far more engaging than I wanted to admit it was. (more…)

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Ann Heche Sparkles in Men In Trees Season Premiere

Men In Trees – Season Premiere Episode by Mike Liebner

Ann Heche of Ellen Degeneres lesbian love affair fame now has her own tv series.  

I must admit my first thought when I saw she was the star of Men In Trees was that I thought she was washed up career wise and that it was a bold move for a network to get behind a show with her at the helm.

I guess you could have said the same thing about Ellen who is now kicking butt with her talk show. But Ann Heche never did score big. Her movies were pretty much flops as far as I am aware.

Despite the low expectations I must admit that after seeing a few commercials and maybe even one of those Fall TV Show previews, I decided to set Tivo to sang Men In Trees and I just watched it last night.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised and liked it. She has a certain warmth and charm that lends itself to the character she is portaying. Ann Heche is playing a “relationship coach” who found her boyfriend fiancé cheating on her with their friend and while on a speaking engagement trip to Alaska she comes to the conclusion that she is staying there in Alaska.

You see there are 10 men for every woman in Alaska and makes for some funny situations. And seeing that the women are the men up there, it makes for more interesting dramedy scenes. (more…)

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Survivor is back and is as Fresh as Ever

 Survivor is back and is as Fresh as Ever! by Roxanne McDonald

Some say it is the granddaddy of reality TV shows (though others point to Real World on MTV or to Big Brother as having started the genre, or accuse of popularizing it), and many associate it with ways they themselves survive in the non-island, non-bikinis and starvation life: that is, they say this show teaches them real life lessons.

 Survivor is back for its thirteenth season.  The first episode of season began Thursday, September 14, 2006, and brought with it more unique characteristics and characters.

This time, Survivor teams were chosen according to race.  So while all the sensitive and pc folks are bubbling and bitching, the reality of racial tension will be exploited to the nth degree.  Or will it?  Existing dominant features and skills will be exacerbated or highlighted.  Or will they?  Political, social, and commercial support will sway.  Or will it?

Ballsy move, Mark.  And clever, calling it a most unusual social experiment.

The four tribes began their journey on a clipper ship where captivating host Jeff Probst told the challengers they were to grab what they could and get off.  People grabbed what they could; Jonathan from the Caucasian tribe, Raro, stole a chicken from the Asian tribe, Puka, and the experiment began.

We met the individuals in each tribe (most of whom are gorgeous, built, charismatic, and if none of the above, then bring unique character to the show with histories of refugee flight or mad skills).

In the Latino / Latina tribe are Ozzy, Billy, Cristina, Cecilia, and JP.  In the Asian tribe are Cao Boi (pronounced, interestingly, “Cowboy”), Brad, Becky, Jenny, and Yul.  In the African-American tribe, Hiki, are (or were) Rebecca, Nate, Sekou, Sundra, and Stephanie.  And in the Caucasian tribe are (or were) Adam, Jonathan, Jessica, Candice, and Parvati. (more…)

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Big Brother All-Stars Ends and Summer is Officially Over!

Big Brother All-Stars Ends and Summer is Officially Over! by Mike Liebner 

Big Brother All Stars has come to a close and in the season finale episode we saw Julie Chen give the big prize to Mike Boogie.

Big Brother All Stars Mike Boogie is the guy with all the restaurants whom was also buddys with the Puppet Master, Dr. Delicious, Will of Chill Town.

Erika not suprisingly was runner up to the strategizing master Boogie and she still claimed a decent prize.

We also saw that America voted to give Janelle $25,000. and she definitely deserved it! In fact I am sure I am not the only one to have wished that Janelle went all the way.

The show itself was a bit on the dry side, as most finale episodes are, but it was a treat to see all the contestants show their faces and gve their impressions of the final two.

Jase and Diane did a Will and Boogie phone conversation rip off and revealed they were Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They apparently had an alliance going into the game. Lot of good it did them! Jase rightly pointed out how Will was the best Big Brother player ever and he certainly is. That is why Mike Boogie is there in the end. (more…)

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Survivor Cook Islands Series Premieres on the 14th

Survivor Cook Islands is coming with it’s 13th new season premiere episode on Thursday September 14, 2006 at 8 PM on CBS. by Mike Liebner

Wow! There have been 13 already??? CBS Survivor is the granddaddy of reality TV shows with a loyal following that keeps on surviving. Rare for network TV shows, but this one is as strong as ever!

While I must admit I am a recent convert starting with Survivor Thailand myself, I am now as loyal as anyone and rank this as my favorite reality TV show right up there with Big Brother.

If you’re a true Survivor fan you’ll want to tune in to CBS The Early Show as they interview the castaways that were evicted the morning after the episode airs. The first castaway from Survivor Cook Islands will be interviewed on Friday September 15th at 7 AM on CBS.

You’ll also want to check your Tivo or other programming guides because other shows have been known to interview Survivor castaways as well as host Jeff Probst including the Tony Danza Show, Live With Regis and Kelly and the Ellen show among others. Depending on the castaway it can be pretty fun to watch. (more…)

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Season Premieres and the New Fall TV Shows

Season Premieres and the New Fall TV Shows by Mike Liebner

How do you spell season premiere anyways???

Is it season premier? Or more like it – spelling should be season premiere?

Well, since Tivo spells it as “Season Premiere”, that’s the way I will go with it!

Regardless of how you spell it, there is no escaping the fact that Summer 2006 is over and that means the new crop of Fall TV shows are on the way! Every year Fall is jam packed with new attempts by the networks (mostly) to woo us with new “must see TV shows”.

I almost fear covering the topic of season premieres and new Fall TV shows as I am a skeptic when it comes to expecting TV programming executives to make good sound decisions. It seems my favorite new shows get cancelled sooner and sooner each year.

Great shows don’t always last. Wonderfalls and Action come to mind… I still weep about those shows going off the air as well as other less memorable TV series that barely were shown their committed number of episodes.

And then we have pseudo networks like cable tv’s HBO and Showtime who show such a limited number of episodes of their series to begin with. Entourage comes to mind with I think 8 half hour episodes it’s first season. Same with Showtime and Huff. They had another great show I can’t even remember the name of with Eric Stoltz a year or so back. Man, that was another too good to be true series, but let’s stop whining about the ones that got away. (more…)

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