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Celeb Photos – Jerry Springer and Kym Johnson

Jerry Springer and Kym Johnson of Dancing With the Stars – celeb photo spotlight.

Links to photos of Jerry Springer and Kym Johnson of Dancing With the Stars (USA).

Flickr is a great place to find celeb photos like this one of Jerry Springer and Kym Johnson of Dancing With The Stars.

Flickr 273519396/

Did you know that Kym Johnson (not Kim Johnson) was the champion of the Australian Dancing With The Stars??? Jerry got a boost for sure from that sexy champ!

More Celeb Photos featuring Kym Johnson and Jerry Springer

Jerry the Opera

Kym Johnson article with picture

Speaking of Dancing with the Stars – check out this great site that has auction items from the show!

You’ll find all kinds of great stuff to buy like potos and posters and such!



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Full Episode Free TV Show Downloads are Abundant

Are you looking for current free tv show downloads? You are in luck my friend! 

Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock, LOST, Ugly Betty, Six Degrees, the Nine, Kidnapped, Twenty Good Years, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, CSI, Shark, Jericho and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip are among the current TV Shows that are available to download for free!

Not simply clips from the tv shows but full episodes as downloads for free!

CBS, NBC and ABC and others are getting hip to the demand for downloads!

Also, cable and PBS shows are now showing up as well for free!

It seems like the TV Networks are finally getting it! The internet can help publicize their shows and get loyalty for them when they offer episodes as free tv downloads online!

It makes sense really… fans develop as they get familiar with shows and characters… what better way to increase veiwership than to get someone hooked on a new tv show?

That’s why we created a list of sources for full episodes of tv shows that you can download >>> (more…)

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Good Locations in this Amazing Race

Where will Amazing Race 10 take us next???

This season’s episodes of Amazing Race 10 are much more enjoyable than last season. Maybe it is the locations that make it better??? Maybe it is the contestants?

Viet Nam, Kuwait, India have been very interesting…

Amazing Race did a great job with casting this go round!

Whatever the reason I am enjoying Amazing Race 10 far more than ever.

I do wish sometimes they’d back off a notch on the frenetic pace, but I guess that is what makes the show tick.

Amazing Race 10 is definitely at the top of my Tivo list and it looks like it will be staying there!

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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Needs Your Help!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Needs Your Help by Mike Liebner

We’re going into the 7th week of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and I’ve been dying to write up how I feel about this incredible new tv show. For one reason or another I get sidetracked and have yet to have written about Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Not because I have little to say about it, but because this show is so special and monumental that I wanted to express exactly the right things… and that takes more than a fleeting 5 minute review of the show or what happened on it…


So here I am in awe of this wildly inovative new show and as I watched Ellen last night on Tivo with guest Amanda Peet, I heard Ellen say Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was in trouble” and has “difficulty finding an audience.

What??? With 6 episodes under it’s belt we’re already being subjected to gloom and doom scenarios about Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip???

Ohhhh nooo! I’m shocked!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is one of those rare shows that inspired me to go WOW as I watched the first episode. I remember instantly connecting to it and being amazed at how sharp and witty the writing was. It was far more than entertaining, it was satirical and right on the money spoofing the NBS Network.

While I must say I have always been a fan of the West Wing (Aaron Sorkin created that as well), the one thing that sometimes bothered me about it was the fast paced yet predictable dialogue that often employed long run on sentences that mere mortal actors must have been challenged with. (more…)

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Amazing Race 10 wins a Tivo Time Slot!

OK, I have said it before but I may have to eat my words that Amazing Race is the Amazing Bore!

Why? Because this season each episode has turned out to be quite entertaining. Also I have hardly ever FAST FORWARDED with Tivo!

HARDLY doesn’t exactly make the Amazing Race 10 worthy of a top spot on my TIVO season pass, but assuming I still have room after adding all those new network premeiere series that the Amizing Race 10 will stay on the list.

So, what do I like about it? Well, this season the casting is excellent! The people are all pretty likeable and I am am actually rooting for a few of them! Of course I realize that the attractive babes are soon to start getting knocked up, er knocked off the race, but hopefully it will keep entertaining us!

So for now Phil, you’ve got my loyalty – but you guys better keep the race fun and exciting!

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