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Daybreak – streaming free on the ABC Web Site!

Daybreak Is One Day I can See Over and Over Again

by Mike Liebner

I must admit I am still miffed at why ABC has shut down Lost for a few months and replaced it’s time slot with Daybreak starring Taye Diggs.

Lost is perhaps my favorite tv show and it seems that it had only just begun and boom – they take it off the air.

Well, since we all watch our tv shows on Tivo now (do you?) the time a series airs should have little if any impact on whether we will watch it or not. The determining factor is if we find out about a show in time to start watching it from the beginning. This is especially important for series that have continue story lines as it is much harder to jump in mid season to a show that already has a history behind it.

Daybreak has been pimped since the beginning of the Fall tv season and I must admit from the moment I had seen the commercials/trailers I knew I wanted to see this show. Since Tivo is generally only 14 days forward with schedules I only made a mental note of the show.

When Lost concluded with it’s Fall Finale (man that is so stupid – a Fall finale – give me a break) and the spot ran for Daybreak I went into Tivo and set it to record the debut episode.

Generally I will watch a show before adding a season pass to record all of it’s episodes. If the show sucks I simply do not watch it again. Sometimes I’ll give a show a second shot and try an additional episode (like Men In Trees which I ended up removing from the Tivo season pass).

Well, I watched the premiere episode of Daybreak and I was blown away! It handled all the possible plot problems and showed me how it was a viable concept that could sustain our interest week after week. (more…)

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Tivo Spring Cleaning (but it’s Fall)

OK, I have two Tivo DVR’s and they are stuffed to the gills with excellent tv shows and programming I have yet found time to watch.

There is so much recorded on Tivo I am running out of room to adequately record new shows.

Sure, I just bought a Panasonic DVR Recorder to archive some of the great tv shows on DVD (lots of funny Borat stuff – like on Leno and Daily Show), but I haven’t wired it up properly to archive.

So, as an interim measure I had to make some decisions… I guess you could call it forced CANCELLATIONS.

On the chopping block were a few shows I have been meaning to watch but just never got around to…

The O.C. is one of those shows. Last night I finally wiped out and deleted around 20 or so episodes I have not watched yet. Most of them from last season. It just hasn’t been interesting enough for me to invest time watching those 20 hours of The O.C. Sorry Mischa and Rachel (I still love you both!). (more…)

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Free Internet TV from Around The World

There is a wealth of free tv intenet stations that we can watch on our computers. It’s amazing how much is out if you have the time to snoop around.

Would you like to see some tv from Thailand? Or maybe check out Serbian or Czech TV… the world of free tv is at your fingertips on the internet!

Fortunately one web site called beelinetv has made it easy by listing and linking free internet tv from around the world!

Here are some of the stations and formats available for viewing

Arabic TV

100 Alalam News Channel, Iran Real 

Chinese TV

300 CCTV 9, China Media 
350 NJTV 1, China Media 
350 NJTV 2, China Media 
150 NTD TV, China Media 
218 Public TV, China Media 


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