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Congrats to Models who won Amazing Race!

Congrats to the dude model boys who won Amazing Race! By Mike

Congrats model boys! You deserve the first place and the million bucks for winning the Amazing Race!

It just goes to show that you CAN experiment with DRUGS and get off track so long as you reign yourself back in and get back to the good way of life!

These 2 boys deserve the big prize! Rob and Kimberly would have been deserving as well but I am glad the boys won.

As for Alabama finishing 3rd – they should be proud. They had the most challenging time!

The season finale was fun to watch. The end was a slight bit anti-climatic as they did not play up the race to the finish but despite that it was still satsifying to see all the racers applaud them as the finished first!

Coming soon is Amazing Race All Stars! I wonder who will be on that? Rob and Amber???

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Gulity Pleasure: The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusan

The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusan is a guilty pleasure.

by Mike Liebner

I must confess that The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn was not one of my favorite shows to watch.

In fact that guy Kilborn annoyed me with his arrogant demeanor and I just didn’t think he was funny. The only reason I ever watched that show with Kilborn was when there was a guest that I was interested in.

That said, it wasn’t exactly bad news when I heard that Kilborn was leaving the show. There was kind of a stir in Hollywood about who would be able to fill his shoes and if CBS whould even keep the Late Late show running. Who cared? Not me…

Time had passed and I lost interest in following what was happening and who would be hosting. I believe they did a stint of guest hosts waiting to see if someone stood out. I do remember a while back tuning in and finding a loud boisterous obnoxious Scottish guy hosting the show and I was perplexed how CBS could have settled on this Scott named Craig Fergusan, when surely half of Hollywood was trying to be considered for the gig.

I gave the show a shot and despite my initial dislike of Craig Fergusan, it didn’t take long before I warmed up to him. I had no idea he was on the Drew Crey show for 9 years prior to this gig (didn’t care for that show) so it took some getting used to the accent and his style. (more…)

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