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CBS Season Premiere of Survivor Fiji Islands on Feb. 8

CBS Season Premiere of Survivor 14 Fiji Islands on Feb. 8 by Mike Liebner

Are you ready for the season premiere of Survivor: Fiji on February 8, 2007?

CBS Survivor 14 Fiji I am ready for Survivor 14 Fiji! In fact, I have been craving Survivor more than ever!

Over the Christmas holiday while visiting family I finally removed the plastic off the DVD and watched every single episode of the first Survivor!

Which one was that… oh yeah… Survivor Borneo Season One.

I must admit I tried like crazy to NOT watch Survivor the first 4 or 5 seasons when it came out. I was one of those “no time for Reality tv” type peoples. That all changed with Survivor Thailand when I gave in and watched. I was immediately hooked.

So now, here I am in between Survivor Cook Islands and Survivor Fiji and I am having cravings for Survivor! So I did rapid fire burn through that season one DVD and I was very happy to see it. I must say that it was PALE by comparison to the current day Survivor shows as Jeff Probst and the gang have come a long way. But it was fun to see the rough and  tumble creation of what would become a TV dynasty for Mark Burnett. (more…)

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Living With Ed on HGTV

Living with Ed premieres on HGTV.

Well, I must admit it – I never expected to be tuning in to HGTV, much less to watch a reality tv show starring Ed Begley Jr. But I did and I must say it was more enjoyable than expected.

As you may or may not know, Ed’s claim to fame was as Victor Ehrlich in the old hit tv show St.Elsewhere, of which I was a big fan.

Since then Ed has made a lot of appearances on other shows most notably Arrested Development and Six Feet Under. He has also appeared in a few high profile movies including Best In Show.

Current day, Ed Begley Jr. has become known for his quirky adoption and promotion of green type living practices, with his home as a role model with solar powered everything.

First off I must say that Ed and his wife Rachelle Carson live in Studio City, California and that just a few years ago I too lived in “the Valley” in neighboring Sherman Oaks. I had seen Ed and his family in the hood on more than a few occasions. In fact I saw him at Fashion Square Mall a few times in the food court. So when I saw there was a reality tv show with Ed I took up an interest and decided to watch.

Tivo snagged the first episode of Living With Ed for me and I must admit I have since added a season pass for it. It’s pretty good, although not as exciting as Survivor, but hey, it’s a quick fun show to watch. So far at least. (more…)

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24 and Jack are back! 4 hours kick butt!

Well, my buddy Kiefer Sutherland may not have walked away with a Golden Globe the other night, but he did walk away with 2 of the best season premiere episodes in recent tv memory!

Sunday and Monday gave us back to back 2 hour episodes of the best action tv series on television! 24 with Kiefer Sutherland is back on Fox!

How do they do it? Season after season it’s as good as it was or maybe even better!

Episode 1 was a killer as we saw a tortured and near dead Jack Bauer return from Chinese prison and it’s interrogation. Jack has balls because the China dude said to tell your president that we couldn’t get Jack to talk… Hooray!

A badly sliced up and scarred Jack made us feel sympathetic but it did not take long from Jack to go from his “die for the USA” mission to a complete turn around and lead the US efforts to thwart terrorist attacks!

You go Jack!

24’s season premiere episode 2 was riveting as well and ended with a nuclear bomb going off. Just as we thought Jack was at the end of his rope and gave up we find he is now back in the game to save the USA!

You go Jack!

I don’t know about you but 24 is the best show on TV and I can’t wait for next Mondays new 1 hour episode.. boy, I wish they’d all be 2 hours! That’s be intense!

Oh, and isn’t it cool? You can already get the DVD with the 2 two hour season premiere episodes! How’s that for catering to the 24 fan base! Kudos to Fox on this one!

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Day Break on ABC is Dumped it Appears

I’m really getting fed up with TV networks and their sneaky little tactics.

Yet another great new show has fallen to the wayside and in this case ABC hasn’t even mentioned the cancellation of Day Break with Taye Diggs on their web site.

Finally after scouring the web I find an article with info on the show and it’s apparent demise.

For weeks I have been seeking info… when will it return and it’s depressing how I now find out that ABC has cancelled Day Break yet still has un aired episodes it has no intention of showing (at least not on tv).

While it has been speculated the un-aired episdoes of Day Break will be “aired” online, ABC has no info about this on their site.

So, I’ll just close this rant by saying that network TV has hit an all new low. It seems each season shows are getting axed earlier than ever.

Whatever happened to allowing a show to gain it’s audience???

If anything, this kind of executive game playing may just be hurting the networks more than helping them.

If they want to be more than simply online download shops they should pay a olittle more attention to nurturing well received shows like Day Break. The payoff can be good as proven by floundering shows that became huge hits (Seinfeld for example).

I hope they do air the 9 remaining episodes of Day Break, but I will not hold my breath as my faith in ABC and the big networks is at an all time low.

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Martin the Philospher get’s Fired by Trump in the Apprentice 6

Well, it’s the 6th season of the Apprentice and to make sure his show is fresh and popular, the Trumpster has set up shop in Los Angeles.

How were the ratings??? The Apprentice crew is back and in fine form, minus Carolyn, but replaced with daughter Ivanka. It will be interesting to see how the ratings go this season. Does America still care enough to watch???

At first gander it seems hokey and special with the L.A. backdrop but once the tent is up and the boardroom is ablaze our show the Apprentice is back in it’s finest form ever!

Yes, it seems they did some polling and found the boardroom should be longer and more cut throat. It was!

Martin the Philosopher was a cartoon character for sure and while he certainly deserved to get fired just for being a nimrod, his project leader wasn’t exactly far from getting the boot himself.

While you could see Donald Trump had some affection for Martin, he also had fun at his expense by pounding on him. Ivanka Trump chipped in as did the project leader from the opposing team (the winner of the challenge). Nice twist with the opposing team’s leader sitting in! (more…)

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