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Knights of Prosperity Cancelled???

Geez, the Knights of Prosperity on ABC is Cancelled??? by Mike Liebner

Well, I can’t say that I am suprised that The Knights of Prosperity on ABC has been cancelled. I’m not suprised because the show was bad, but because ABC had been playing games with it for months now.

They’ve been taking it off the schedule at a moments notice and it’d reappear as soon as it’d disappear. How can you build an audience when you keep taking it away from where followers would expect to find it? Now it’s gone…

Fortunately though it seems the other half hour in Knights of Prosperity’s hour long comedy block “In Case of Emergency” is still on the ABC schedule (a great show!). But it seems it’s official now and the Knights of Prosperity show has been axed. Zap2it says remaining episodes may air eventually, but I am not holding my breath as the same thing happened with ABC’s Daybreak (another great show that deserved airtime).

Daybreak too had unaired episodes when it was cancelled early on and those have not been shown. What a waste and what an insult to the viewers and fans of these shows.

What is so crazy about yanking Knights of Prosperity is that they are replacing the half hour with repeats of “According to Jim”. What an insult… Is there some exit clause in their contract with the producers of Knights of Prosperity that will allow them to save a few thousand bucks if they don’t air the remaining episodes they already have in the can???

Why is that TV Networks and increasingly ABC do not understand that in business the goal is to develop a following. Put out a good product and earn the trust of your customers.

Network TV seems to be stuck in the stone age when Neilson sweeps actually meant something. Nowadays the sweeps are as outdated as Mannix. TV Networks charge inflated rates for prime time ad slots and then end up sticking you on repeats of “According to Jim” or “George Lopez”. That’s bogus and bad business – for the veiwers and the advertisers paying those inflated sweeps ad rates. I hope some of the advertisers start speaking up on this! It’s a crime.

Network and Cable TV Networks run the risk of becoming a dinosaur unless they catch up and follow what people want. The same people engrossed in Youtube and other emerging video sites. ABC is making it too easy for fans of cancelled shows to go to their computers to look for entertainment… (more…)

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Tivo Let Me Down and I missed Survivor

I’ve come to depend on my my two TIVOS to capture and record all of the stuff I like to watch on TV.

Article by Mike Liebner

 Tivo has been so dependable and for the most part does an excellent job of gathering my “must see” tv shows.

Of course, being a Tivo guy going back at least 4 or 5 years (I’m guessing on this, maybe longer) I have had a few hiccups along the way.

It happened again last week.

On Thursday night Tivo let me down big time.

I was doing other stuff and did not think twice about whether Tivo was recording Survivor Fiji, one of my favorite shows. I have a season pass on my living room Tivo (the bedroom Tivo is more for talk shows and the occasional program that overlaps with other programs) for Survivor Fiji and do remember glancing at it and seieng the record light on so I assumed it was getting Survivor.


At around 50 minutes into the hour when I was ready to actually watch the program I go to Tivo and find it was recording some other B.S. and not Survivor Fiji! I quickly tried to find if it at least was on the right channel so I could record the buffer BUT no – it was on other channels! So I scrambled and caught the tribal council just as the vote was revealed!

What a bummer! TIVO let me down!

GEEZ! Does anyone have that episode on tape??? Or on their PC? (more…)

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