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Lost on ABC. I’m Lost – but who isn’t?

Lost on ABC. I’m Lost – but who isn’t? by Mike Liebner

The 2 hour season finale of Lost was crammed full of… something.

OK, despite Lost on ABC making us ask more questions than it gives answers to – I must say I have been pretty enthralled this season.

But now it’s all gone away as the 2 hour season finale came and went like a dynamo.

At first – I must admit – I simply deleted the show from Tivo – even though I was confused at the ending. The season finale was just too jumbled and covered too much.

I was confused and instead of thinking about it – I just deleted it and moved on. I was disappointed.

But the next day I started thinking about what happened. I tried to remember who died and who may not have died and why they died and why they ended on the flash forward of Jack and Kate – apparently rescued and in a future tiome and place – not together. (more…)

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