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Big Brother 8 TV Viewer Ratings

Big Brother 8 TV Ratings by Mike Liebner

Big Brother 8 3 nights a week is a lot of TV!   

Is America watching Big Brother 8???

Reality TV appears to be as popular as ever. There are some big brand new hits this Summer.

With all the press going ga-ga gush over the big new reality tv hits (Spelling Bee and those cloned singing idiot type shows) I was worried that Big Brother 8 was sliding in viewership and ratings…. BUT apparently not!

According to Variety Big Brother 8 and it’s houseguests’ ratings are on par with last season: (more…)

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Sorry but Pirate Master Sucks

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Sorry but Pirate Master Sucks by Mike Liebner    

The show blows and has got to go… bye bye says Tivo!

OK, so it seemed like it might be a good Summer replacement for Survivor seeing that it comes from the same people associated with reality tv giant Mark Burnett.

I tried to give it a fair shot, but the last episode put me over the edge and I have now officially removed Pirate Master form both of my Tivos. It simply is not even worth watching in fast forward mode. Now that sucks!

Go ahead and blame it on the awful casting if you want, but I think the concept is what is really flawed big time, as setting the show on a creaky old pirate boat and having the contestants play, er, pretend, er contend as if they were real pirates is a concept with less merit than Jackass (any version). Not even the best actors would be fun to watch pretending they were pirates in a reality tv show, much less the motley crew of dorks they have on the show.

Like I said before, I do respect Mark Burnett, but sorry my man – you have let me and the peoples down big time – again.

Pirate Master is not just lame – it sucks!

I am so tired of the lame foot races where they’re racing to find a puzzle piece and bag of fake coins. It’s not clever. It’s not even a competition. It’s a freakin’ foot race with make believe pirates… how lame is that? 

They run… they fall… they complain… duh… to base a show around a weekly foot race for a fake pirates chest is an insult to reality tv watchers.

Zanzibar and mutiny and cutting them adrift may be clever bullet points for a 6th grade art class or drama project, but prime time tv demands much more than make believe reality tv. Is that what tv execs really want to fill the airwaves? Is that what people really want to watch? (more…)

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Do You Have Time for Big Brother After Dark?

Do You Have Time to watch Big Brother After Dark???
by Mike Liebner

Big Brother 8 Written on Wednesday, July 18th, 2007. 

Big Brother After Dark is running each night from 9 PM to 12 PM PST on Showtoo (Showtime Too – two, err whatever it’s called). Showtime Too is available as a premium channel. I get it with my DIRECTV lineup of satellite channels, so I did not have to pay extra just to get Big Brother 8 Super Sized.

What exactly is Big Brother After Dark?

It’s LIVE footage of the Big Brother 8 household shown exactly as it airs live and unedited and uncensored. What you see is really happening and the only editing is done when they switch cameras. For example one minute they may be by the hot tub catching the crew as they party. They may suddenly switch to a bedroom where a few cast members may be strategizing. It’s all live but they can obviously only show one thing at a time. So they jump from camera to camera catching the action as it unfolds.

Big Brother After Dark is worth watching, but it is mind boggling how much they’re dropping on us.

How much TV are you capable of watching??? How into Big Brother 8 are you????

If you’re obsessed or even consumed, maybe you’ll welcome the 21 hours of Big Brother 8 live footage showing each week on Showtime for Big Brother After Dark.

Because of the sheer volume of footage (and it’s live) it’s kind of mind numbing to watch. Here I am 13 days after the July 5th season premiere and I am simply overwhelmed by how much BB8 I have to watch if I want to. I mean hey – the regular show Big Brother 8 on CBS shows 3 new episodes each week and has already dropped 4 one hour episodes on us. That’s a fair amount of TV to watch considering the show has been on less than 2 weeks.

Add to that Big Brother After Dark and today on the 18th we already have 12 three hour blocks from Showtoo. One more coming tonight for a total of 13 episodes x 3 = 39 hours of BB8 action. Sure, I know the live internet feed goes 24 hours a day but for some reason I have never been compelled to watch that. After all it’s live only, right? They don’t record the action so we can watch it when we feel like it, right???

And that’s what’s pretty cool about Big Brother After Dark. Right now I have 12 three hour blocks of Big Brother After Dark recorded on Tivo (it’s stuffed to the gills). That’s insane! Who can watch that much???

At first – when it started getting recorded on Tivo I was afraid to watch it because I know that what Showtime is showing live with Big Brother After Dark may not have been shown yet on the regular show. And I’m not one of those types to revel in learning spoilers. I want to see the show exactly as the producers intended it to be seen.

As a result I have been afraid to watch Big Brother After Dark and only have recently begun watching. In fact, one night last week before the elimination ceremony on Thursday July 12th, I turned on my TV and before I could look away I saw Amber on the screen as Tivo was recording Big Brother After Dark. I tried as fast as I could to turn that off but it was too late. I saw Amber which meant they MUST have voted Carol off. That spoiled the real BB8 when I watched it as I knew Carol was getting the axe. (more…)

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Scandalous Big Brother 8 Rants and Raves

Big Brother 8 Rants and Raves by Mike Liebner

Big Brother 8 Warning: this piece is very opinionated and really tells it like it is. If you are offended by humorous ranting and raving with no holds barred name calling – maybe you better skip this one :’>

OK, I better do a run down of the cast before the evictions start and give my wonderous satirical commentary on the twits and the nimrods amongst the Big Brother 8 house guests before they get slammed in the booty by the door on the way out. 

BB8 Cast

OK, it’s early on Tuesday July 10th and we’re into episode 2 and big Brother is off to a terrific start. Episode 3 airs tonight and I can’t wait.

I am really impressed with the 2 episodes so far this season. Hats off to the exec lady who helped pick the cast for this Summer. It’s a good diverse group of entertaining contestants.

I wonder if they had some sort of cry-o-meter to gauge which of the cast would break into tears at strategic monents… maybe they share the same boohoo tool with Age of Love, who also has some cry babies in their cast. Boo hoo…

All right… Let’s start with ripping apart the 2 “nominated” house guests. Amber and Carol have both been nominated by Kail the Head of Household (HOBAG, er, HOH). Sorry, could not resist…

Now, I have to get this off my chest right now… I have already fallen in love with Carol and am shattered my lovely has been nominated. It always seems to happen on these reality shows… The one I get into and adore is usually among the first to go and Carol is nominated this week.

Why? Well, Kail tried to make it seem logical why she picked Amber and Carol to be nominated for eviction. Personallyy I don’t buy that as she is most likely jealous of Carol and her good looks and pleasant personality. It’s also possible Kail has considered that her Rival that she lent $5.00 to and stiffed for the cash may not be a rival but possible ally. Hmmmm… OK. That’s possible but I still think Carol is just too hot to shove out the door quite yet.

Amber is the one I hope gets evicted. She’s already been a sobbing boo hoo cry baby to the extreme and frankly I don’t like her look or personality. She can get the boot if ya ask me.

Now Kail is definitely a player and is gettin’ all strategic on us right at the beginning of the season. She immediately took the HOH position and used it to grab up an alliance. How strong the alliance will really be is to be seen as no smart cookie would turn down her offer of “till the end”. Why not play her??? Mike, Nick and Zach seem to be in her corner for now, but that will likely change fast when someone decides to gang up on Kail.

Danielle and Evil Dick are the odd couple of sorts. They may not get along in real life but both seem to know that a friend in the BB8 house could be a good thing. I geniuinely feel bad for Dick as it seems that the pretty but thin Danielle has a stick up her butt and twisted inside her inners. Danielle has been dissing her daddy. Now the question is – does Daddy deserve to be dissed? Or was she just being a bitch.

Something deep is going on inside Danielle’s apparently peanut sized brain as she awkwardly distances herself from Evil Dick.

While I can’t say I am a big fan of the pierced bad boy Dick, I do feel for him a little and wish he’d get a little something from the daughter. Some amount of respect or at least a grown up girl fake smile instead of the tortured abused child act she’s putting on.

Maybe Danielle has a right to be emotional, but my money is on the fact that she had a bad childhood and is blaming it on Daddy Dick. Right or wrong, I personally believe that BLAME is not something you assign to others. You deal with things and just move on. (more…)

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Big Brother 8 is my Summer Sweetheart

BB8 article by Mike Liebner

Hey – it’s that time of year again! The time for conniving and back stabbing and possibly even some showmance action! 

Big Brother 8 Big Brother 8 and hot Summertime fun is here again!     

Boy – it’s my favorite time of year with my favorite hot Summer reality tv show Big Brother back on CBS in full effect!

That means I/we can now dedicate 3 days or more to the adventures of the BB8 houseguests for a Big Brother Summer of fun!

I say 3 days or more because I just found myself re-watching the season premiere episode a 2nd time (it was recorded on my 2nd Tivo)! And you know what… watching Big Brother 8 a 2nd time was actually enjoyable (although I did fast forward a lot).

So – is there enough Big Brother 8 for you this Summer???

Can you live without Big Brother the other 4 nights of the week the show is NOT airing a new episode???

Strange but last night (Saturday) I found myself wishing it was on… you can nver get enough of a good thing!

We now have Big Brother 8 to keep us entertained on 3 nights each week – Thursday – Sunday (new one coming tonight) and Tuesdays…. (more…)

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