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Fall Season 2007 TV Shows Overview So Far

The 2007 Fall Season TV Show Overview by Mike Liebner

You just never know what a new season of TV shows will bring you. It could be a super good season like when Desperate Housewives and Lost first appeared or it could be a dud.

So far, this season, with a few exceptions seems to lean more towards duds from my perspective. A few returning shows are great… a few new ones are good… a few are outstanding…

While I have not watched everything new that has come out, I really try my best to catch at least the first episode (pilot or premiere).

I understand this is not always indicative of a show in the long run, but let’s face it – we can only watch so much tv before it affects us in strange ways (hmmmmm…)

Right out of the box I loved the new NBC tv show Chuck. Fresh and invigorating just like when Austin Powers first hit the scene, Chuck is a great 1 hour show. It’s refreshing how cool and hip this funny thriller is and how larger than life the characters are. It’s not very often I get drawn into a tv show that does not necessarily have a continuing storyline (individual self contained episodes like most tv detective shows), but this one pulled me in. The visuals and high tech editing are in themselves quite revolutionary and top notch. Check out “Chuck” if you haven’t already – it’s a winner!

Survivor China is back and the reality tv series is as good as ever. The challenges are especially good. China adds a whole new backdrop and freshness to the show. It’s a must see show! (more…)

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