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Big Brother 9 Cast Rundown – my thoughts

Big Brother 9 Cast Rundown and secret tales of the “Big Brother After Dark” Stripper Orgy Spit Swapping Pool Party (sorry that is not a spolier – it happened weeks ago and was never shown on the CBS show) Rant by Mike Liebner

bb9 I’m not sure if it was the “couples thing” or just a lame cast of hamsters, but this season of Big Brother has been a huge disappointment.     

Something is wrong with the cast…


It’s not so bad that I will not watch it, but it’s been pretty much a drag and difficult to endure at times. Low energy and lacking of real fun and entertainment value.

Maybe now that they dumped the couples angle – and allowing them to compete as individuals – it will start to feel more like Big Brother than a spin off reality show.

I never did understand why a show that has a winning format with loyal fans feels the need to take a drastic departure. Hey it’s just not the same to see PAIRS of contestants play the game. Sure, I guess it could cause some extra drama and add new twists, which I am sure was their intention, but it also removes some of the factors that makes the show so special in the first place.

Now, I do admit that I am not in love with this cast. From the beginning I found most of them to be annoying and I can’t honestly say that I am liking or rooting for any one of them.

I guess that now would be as good as a time as ever to do a recap of the guests and my takes on them…

Alex – seemed ok, but he was really boxed in by playing with his partner Amanda. He got voted off with her and then recently America almost voted him back on. Almost did not get along with Amanda – then again who could?

Amanda – “almost cute” in a quirky way, but she had a very annoying personality. This season, the gals were so bland that you had to root for the almost hot ones such as Amanda. She was “amost cute” but slightly light bulb shaped with a pbag… you know… she was almost hot like “last call” at 2 am in a bar cute… sorry! But that’s how it seems this season on Big Brother. No standout knockouts… and Amanda was fun to wath but not a hot babe.

Ryan – Slightly pudgy and definitely bland personality wise, it never seemed like Ryan and secret real life girlfriend Jen (who was evicted early on) belonged together. She was too hot for him (then again he gave a good massage I guess). As it turns out Ryan has stayed in the game longer than expected and he is the closest to being some one I would root for, but last week he made a few bad calls and bowed down to group pressure. I think he’ll be out very soon.

Allison – Ryan’s playing partner on Big Brother knew that he had a girlfriend. This made it awkward for them as partners. Allison also made a really stupid move early on pretending she was a lesbian and a secret partner with Sheila. Bad strategy… How could you respect a player that would make a bad joke and then play it up as strategy… Not very samrt… Lacking in the brains department… Yet Allison was also almost hot – and actually was the hottest in the house in my opinion. Yes – I’ll say it – she was the most attractive of the girls. But looks can only take you so far… She had an annoying personality. I don’t think I could handle much of her manipulating and scheming in real life and it seemed I was not the only one to think that as she got booted – even when they gave the house a second chance to evict either her or Ryan. I must say though – I did feel sorry for her when she did get evicted. She went for a shrieking screaming high when she got a 2nd chance to possibly the lowest of lows when she got sent packing in a matter of minutes… Wicked and mean Big Brother… Her sadness was so deep I could almost feel it and it made me want to hug her and tell her everything would be just fine and then have some “make up sex” afterwards.

James – there is something about James that makes me feel queesy… I’m not sure if I like him or not… I don’t hate him, but something is odd about him… He almost has it, but then again he is slightly too weird to identify with. I don’t know if you saw the Showtime Too Big Brother After Dark footage of that orgy after stripper pool party where they had a strip club stripper lap dance party featuring Natlaie and Chelsea going nude and grinding nation wide, but James joined in and got naked on tv too and and was also making out with all the girls in the pool. I’m not holding that against James, I’m just saying that maybe that has a little something to do with my feelings about him. Also he seems to be kind of a loner. I am glad he hooked up with Chelsea. But he never seemed confident that was real, or that is how it appeared.

Chelsia – James’ soulmate and partner Chelsia is also “almost hot”. She is pretty cute and if she wasn’t so smitten with James she may have had a better chance in the game. Now that they are split up I must admit I am waiting to see if Chelsia strays away from James. So far not. I guess I am rooting for her a little bit. It was nice to see her topless and grinding like a stripper on that After Dark strip party orgy footage a few weeks ago. Oddly enough – Big Brother producers so far have opted to keep that stag party off the regular episodes. It was just too hard core dirty I guess… (more…)

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