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Gossip Girl’s Nate Archibald – A Good Kisser

 Madchen Amick has been so lucky after all. The actress, who plays Nate Archibald’s (Chace Crawford) mature and beautiful love interest on Gossip Girl, has a steamy make out scene with the 23-year-old. And that’s just in the first five minutes of the show’s season two premiere!

Luckily, she’s not above kissing and telling. “He’s a very good kisser,” Amick, 37, says. “If anyone gets the opportunity to kiss him, he will not disappoint.”

The season premiere of the CW show, which airs Monday (8 p.m. ET), catches up with Nate and his fellow privileged pals, Serena (Blake Lively), Blair (Leighton Meester), Chuck (Ed Westwick), Dan (Penn Badgley) and Jenny (Taylor Momsen), at the end of the summer season. (more…)

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Big Brother’s Father Dan is outsmarting himself.

TV Robot Exclusive Article on Big Brother 10 by Mike Liebner

Is Father Dan outsmarting himself by rationaliziing why he does things? He may be fooling himself…

OK, I am trying to cut the guy some slack for his crutch of extreme religinousness, but Father Dan is starting to get on my nerves.

We just saw Dan win Big Brother’s coveted Head of Household honors but at the expense of cutting a stupid deal with Ollie. Basically Dan gave an assurance that Michelle would not be evicted and gave Ollie 1 of the 2 picks for selection of evictees and also gave Ollie the power of veto selection.

Basically Dan gets to put up one houseguest for eviction and that’s it.

Poor Memphis got the brunt of this blunder as Dan put him up for eviction along with Jerry. Ollie selected Memphis and Dan honored his deal. I was hoping this would be one of those back stabbing Big Brother moments and that Dan would back out of his promises to Ollie. After all, who could blame him for renigging on a deal that was simply too stupid for prime time… this deal could cost Dan the game as he may be helping evict the ones who would keep him and his crew in the game. (more…)

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CBS Big Brother is Great This Season!

TV Robot Exclusive Article on Big Brother 10 by Mike Liebner

Wow, I must say I am really impressed this season with how good Big Brother 10 is.

The whole CBS Big Brother experience seems much better than last fall which seemed to be thrown together haphazardly and not really embraced by the producers (or the CBS Early Show).

CBS Big Brother is Great This Season!

Best show on tv this Summer!

Everything seems just right – everything from the casting, to the new live audience format for the eviction ceremonies (on Thrsday nights) to the extras we’re getting such as REGULAR appearances by Julie and the houseguests on the CBS Late Late Show with Craig Fergusan are welcome additions this season.

Craig has a blast with the houseguests! What a great idea! I’m a big fan of his and he is perfect for this!

Also back are the morning segments on the CBS Early Show each Friday with Julie Chen featuring more from the most recent evicted houseguest.

While I would prefer that the Early Show segments were LIVE the morning after, instead of recorded the night before – I guess it’s ok that they tape them the same night as they were evicted.

I must say I do prefer the old format where the evicted houseguests have had a good nights sleep (or not) to think about things instead of a continued interview minutes after getting shafted. Reflection the day after is much different than the way they must feel just minutes after getting booted form the Big Brother House!


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Nashville Star Winner Melissa Lawson Brings Home A Toyota Tundra!

Monday night as crew members of the show of the sixth season of Nashville Star pushed a big red Toyota Tundra pick-up truck onto the stage during a commercial break, the two remaining contestants stood, hoping to hear their name called by host Billy Ray Cyrus. Would it go to Tex-Mex electrician-turned-musician Gabe Garcia or Mellisa Lawson, a wife and mother of five boys? As it turns out, Lawson, 32, got the keys to the truck and the ticket to a recording contract with Warner Bros. Nashville. Garcia was disappointed about the pick-up, telling PEOPLE magazine after the show, “I really wanted that truck. I was already thinking about how I was going to jack it up and trick it out.”

Still, Garcia was relatively satisfied with his second place finish and thrilled by the experience of competing on Nashville Star. “It’s been a great ride, from beginning to end,” he said after the show, still picking strips of silver confetti out of his hair. “But I’m looking forward to getting back to my own life for a few days. I haven’t made my own bed or driven myself in two months.”


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Big Brother’s Keesha is a dumb blonde!

Keesha is kinda cute – in a strange kind of way – but her looks are about all she’s got going for herself. She’s a bit ditzy.

Loyalty in a game like Big Brother is not usually part of a winning strategy.

Losers are loyal!

I think I’m down on her today because she keeps doing stupid things. For example the house had a perfect opportunity to get conceited muscle boy Jessie and evict him – but Keesha gets what Keesha wants – and the houseguests vote to evict Angie – just like Keesha wanted.

Now, you could tell that the house would have preferred to vote out Jessie while they had him on the block. But for some reason Keesha is threatened by Angie. Anyone with half a brain would know that Jessie was more of  a threat. He could win endurance competitions or challenges requiring muscles, while Angie was no real threat – either physically or from a power or mental or strategy standpoint. In fact – it is so obviuos Jessie is the powerful leader of his pack and Angie WAS just a follower looking for any way to stay in the house.

If Angie stayed in the game, it’d almost be a guarantee that Keesha would not get put up for eviction very soon. At least she could have bargained with Angie. Jessie on the other hand is definitely going for Keesha or one of her supposed loyal friends. (more…)

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