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Only Jerks can win Big Brother – not!

TV Robot Article on Big Brother 10 Season Finale by Mike Liebner

Father Dan was a nice guy… possibly too nice to win Big Brother.

Before the finale I’d have bet that Dan was TOO NICE to win Big Brother, but since we saw Dan come out victorious, he showed I was way off target!

Congratulations Dan! You are the winner of Big Brother 10! You da man!

The fact that Father Dan won CBS Big Brother 10 says a lot about the supposed need to be a jerk to win Big Brother. As we saw in the BB10 finale, the jury of Big Brother may not have thought Dan was cunning or sneaky, they did respect the way he played the game and since he was nice to them all, they still liked him at the end. 

Nice guys can win!
We saw how Memphis made a few moves that pissed people off and it prevented him from winning any votes. Dan got all of the votes even though the jury blamed him more than Memphis for their leaving the game! Dan was a great game player! He deserves to win Big Brother!
I am sad to see the season over… it’d be nice if we had some PAST SEASONS on DVD to hold us over – but hey – the producers of Big Brother on CBS obviuosly have their reasons for not releasing past seasons. I just wish I knew what those reasons were. The one season they did release (season 3???) was great fun to watch. Sure, it had production issues and did not comapre to the newer sseasons, but hey – it was fun none the less!
Give us the first few seasons so those of us that are new to Big Brother can see how it all started!

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Eric McCormack Of Will And Grace Auctions Porche From Show

Will and Grace lead actor Eric McCormack is auctioning his Porsche to all Will and Grace fans out there! So get ready and bring up your best wallet forward (lol). This Porsche was given to the actor as a gift from the network on the success of the sitcom’s first season last 1999. All the other costars including Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally also received Porsches from NBC.

The auction of the silver Porsche – starting bid: $23,100 – will benefit Project Angel Food, a meal-delivery charity serving people with AIDS and other debilitating illnesses.

“It’s not just a part of Will & Grace lore – this car is a part of television lore,” says McCormack, adding, “there’s somebody out there that would really appreciate knowing it was the car I drove every day to the lot.”

The online auction, available at, ends at 3:15 PM EST Friday. Its current asking price “is incredibly close to the car’s actual Blue Book value!” notes McCormack. “Not a bad price to get a car and a piece of TV history.”

And if a lucky Los Angeles native wants the car? “If the winner lives in L.A., I’ll drive it to them personally,” he says. “And of course, I’ll autograph DVDs of Will & Grace.”

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Deal or No Deal Met Its Match First One Million Winner

Deal or No Deal met its first one million dollar winner. After three seasons with no jackpot winner, Deal or No Deal met its match one week into season 4 with 27-year-old Jessica Robinson. The pregnant stay-at-home mom became the show’s first-ever million dollar winner when she picked the lucky briefcase on Monday’s show.

The Sandy, Utah, native, who’s expecting a boy at the end of September, tells PEOPLE that she had a winning strategy from the start. “All along I knew I wanted to pick briefcase number four because there’s soon going to be four people in our family. It just made sense,” she says, noting that she had the support of her family and friends.

Fifteen contestants in the show’s history have chosen million-dollar cases, only to change their minds as the game went on. But not Robinson, who even turned down the banker’s final offer of $561,000.

“Honestly, if my case had $200,000 in it I would have regretted it,” Robinson admits. “I talked to my supporters and surprisingly, as I think back, they were crazy for telling me to go forward! But they knew my plan and it was coming true.”

Robinson, who watched the telecast with family and friends in Utah, says she plans to put her prize money toward a new home for her family. Plus, she’ll “buy toys for my kids from toy stores instead of garage sales” and help her husband start his own business.

Best of all, she says, is the “peace of mind” the money has helped her get. “I’m a stay-at-home mom and I know I contribute to my family, but there are times I feel I don’t contribute because I’m not getting a paycheck, and at the end of the day, I’m the spender,” she says. “This will take the burden off [of my husband] being the breadwinner and taking care of us.”

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