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Survivor: Gabon – A Very Unpredictable Twist

Survivor: Gabon provided lots of surprises last night. With the double elimination in tow, the pressure can be seen in both tribes. Is the merge possible after the double elimination? Will Fang be back on track and win the immunity challenge for the first time? Let’s find out!

On the 19th day of exile, the Fang tribe is seen starving with the little left of their food supplies. Some members of the tribe felt hopelessness because of their continuing defeat on the challenges. Yet, Crystal had spilled the little amount of rice that the tribe has when she tripped. Ace even said that she might be the next Lamb to the Slaughter.

The next day featured the Reward Challenge where the tribe must break their opponents ball in a ring to gain points. Kota scored the initial score and quickly had the lead. But the Fang tribe keep up till the third point where Dan made the lead to bring the Kota tribe to winning the challenge. The winning tribe went off in a helicopter to get their reward and the they sent Sugar again to Exile Island. Amongst their rewards was another round of delicious foods and letters from their families at home. While, angst is surrounding the Fang tribe like they have already lose the Immunity Challenge. Matty persuades Ace to vote out Sugar on the next Tribal Council. But it is yet to be seen.

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Dancing With The Stars Has A Guest Judge and Their Group Hip Hop Routine Rocks!

Len is on vacation and Dancing With The Stars had a guest judge last night in the person of Michael Flatley. The contestants performs their best to gain the praise of this guest judge and the remaining resident judges Bruno and Carrie Ann.

The heat started with Maurice and Cheryl dancing the Viennese Waltz to the tune of Gravity. Mr. Flatley commented that they could have done better but overall the dance was beautiful. Carrie Ann told them that they don’t have chemistry and they must work on it. Bruno said that the dance lack fluidity. The judges gave them a score of 21 for the night.

Lance and Lacey came next. The pair practiced in Florida in the same studio where Lance’s band N’Sync practiced when they are still a band. Lance’s ex-bandmates Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone visit him and watch their practice. They perform the Jive on the tune of Tutti Frutti. Bruno said that Lance is back on target. Michael told Lance that they have everything from hard work, determination and self belief and he came out smoking! Carrie Ann just said Whoo Hoo and told them that Len would be proud of Lance for his performance. They received the highest score of the night, 27.

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Survivor: Gabon – Feng Suffered Another Loss

The Feng tribe once again suffered another night at the Tribal Council. What circumstance had lead them into another loss? Who was eliminated last night? This questions are going to be answered here on our recap of Survivor: Gabon.

On Day 16 of the tribes’ stay on the island of Gabon, the Feng tribe struggled to survive. Ace and Matty decided to have a mini alliance on their midst due to the degradation of their tribe. The Feng tribe is also arguing on the amount of rice that need to be consume by each member because their supply is fast depleting. Ace told Sugar that the other members have gone through her bag and saw the immunity idol and impulsively she gave the idol to Ace, which I think is a huge mistake on her part. At Kota, the tribe’s unity is beginning to crumble cause some of the members commented that Dan is eating too much. Well, let see what will be the consequences of this in days that will follow.

At the Reward Challenge, giving them pastries and coffee to go after the Kota tribe won once against snatching another victory from the helpless Feng tribe. Sugar was sent to exile again by Kota while the Feng tribe go back on the place again empty handed. After the challenge, the members of Kota tribe seem to be arguing again on the allocation of food to each member. Randy decided to distance himself to Dan, because of the latter impression to the others, eating too much.

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Toni Braxton Sings Her Farewell On Dancing With The Stars

Its a night of surprises for Dancing With The Stars. The stage was set up for a huge performance number from Macy’s Stars of Dance. Even the pair who was eliminated last night was a surprise for the judges and the audience as well.

The judges praise Cody and Julianne for being consistent this past two weeks and for being such a contender in the contest. Then they criticize Lance for not being able to step up with Lacey on the same level. He is being taken over by his partner which is not good for him.

Judge Len Goodman will take a week off next week and will be replaced temporarily by the Lord Of The Dance Michael Flatlery.

Then the performances started with Cody and Julianne dancing their own version of the JItterbug. As last night, their energy was incredible and their entertaining as usual. Julianne even look like Lucille Ball on the dress and the dance. And then the Brian Setzer Orchestra performed “Rock This Town” accompanied by professional dancers Karina and Louis.

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Dancing With Four New Routines On DWTS

Dancing With The Stars pairs dance to the tune of 4 new dances including: the Jitterbug, the West Coast Swing, the Hustle and the Salsa. Let’s see the talents and props the contestants made to win the heart of their judges.

Lance and Lacey were the first pair to grace the dance floor with their own version of the West Coast Swing on the beat of the song “Breaking Dishes”. Having been given one of the highest score last week Lance has began believing in himself. However, after the interesting routine Len told the Lacey that she should let Lance shine more because he knows he can dance and proven himself for that. Bruno commented that the duo had a very promising beginning but Lance seemed to be dancing around Lacey. Ms. Inaba said that Lance has a potential to be a champion and it should be Lacey’s goal to bring him to be that. Their score for the evening was 21.

Next on the dance floor were Toni and Alec dancing on the beat of “The Way You Make Me Feel” on their own routine of the The West Coast Swing. Toni even have a moonwalk routine during the dance which didn’t impressed Bruno though he told her that she can actually deliver. Len said that Toni must do a revamp and must come out strong again. Carrie Ann told the pair that their are over dancing the routine. They made a score of 22 for their dance last night.

Susan and Tony came out next dancing the Hustle with the song “Upside Down Your Turning Me.” Even though Susan had a fractured bone in her ankle that doesn’t stop her to impress the judges. Carrie Ann said that she like the lifts a lot and praises Susan for her effort. Bruno said that the routine looks like an uptown girl hustle and Susan made all the steps required for it. They get a 22 score for their effort.

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Amazing Race 13 – New Zealand Adventure

The Amazing Race teams goes to New Zealand for another taste of bitter sweet adventure. Knowing that the first to arrive at the new pit stop will receive another set of amazing gifts and also knowing that another pair might say goodbye to the rest.

Season 13 has its ups and downs and some conflicts amongst pairs. Here are the questions that need to be answered in this episode: Will Ken and Tina be number one again after their winning streak this past legs of the race? Will Nick & Starr continue with their games and still have conflict with Kelly and Christy? Will Aja and Ty continue their personal conflicts or will focus on winning? Let’s see.

Kelly and Christy confronted Nick and Starr because of their backstabbing attitude. They tried to reconcile with the divorcees but its too late for that. The pairs flew from Bolivia to New Zealand. As they arrived the teams must travel through unmarked cars to Gulf Harbor wherein they are going to untie a big knot to reveal the next clue for the rest.

While traveling to Gulf Harbor the first blown tire casualty of the race was revealed: Aja and Ty. Which slowed them down considerably. Ken and Tina arrived first and they had managed to unravel their knot and revealed their next clue. It contains the seasons first Fast Forward. The challenge is to go to the Auckland Sky Tower and complete a challenge: to climb their way to the top and retrieve a roaming gnome from the flashing red beacon at the highest point, more than 1000 feet up. Ken and Tina took up the challenge and had been treated to a helicopter ride directly to this week’s Pit Stop.

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Gossip Girl Author Disagrees With Jessica’s Depiction

Gossip Girl author Cecily von Ziegesar says producer Josh Schwartz and his crew have been spot-on even though adaptations from page to screen can be quite difficult.

She tells, “I’m a very faithful watcher… Generally I’m entertained and I think it’s great.” However, Von Ziegesar does see something unusual for the Gossip Girl TV series, its their depiction of the TV version of Vanessa, played by Jessica Szohr.

“I think Vanessa is one character they ruined,” she says. “In the book, she’s kick-ass and has a shaved head and wears lots of black. I think a lot of the readers who don’t usually read teen fiction identify with Vanessa,” In the show, Vanessa has more of a bohemian hipster look.

The author clarifies that it has nothing to do with Szohr, adding: “I just wish Vanessa was like she is in the books a bit more.”

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Project Runway Season 5 Winner – Leanne Marshall

Bravo TV “Project Runway” has delivered its finale last night on its 5th season. With the all female finalist, Project Runway had its first ever woman winner for the fashion design oriented show. The winner was decided upon by the four most important person of the show, the judges, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn (who replaced Jennifer Lopez).

The winner is no other than Leanne Marshall – a soft spoken 28 year old designer hailed from Portland, Oregon. Leanne graduated from The Fashion Institute of Merchandising and Design in San Francisco. She had been designing since the age of 12. She has also been the recipient of the Levis/Dockers Fashion Designer of Tomorrow scholarship, in addition to being cast in Project Runway.

Leanne has his own fashion line in Portland which is named Leanimal. She incorporates earth friendly material on her design and has been coined as “the fastest rising star in Portland’s apparel design scene.”

Leanne Marshall garnered $100,000 cash prize, a new Saturn hybrid automobile, a spread in Elle magazine, a year’s professional representation, and invaluable industry exposure from a show that been a hallmark in Bravo’s rising fortunes.

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Dancing With The Stars Eliminates Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito

Last night Dancing With The Stars reality TV show eliminated yet another pair. And the unfortunate couple were celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito and his professional partner Karina Smirnoff. Lots of entertainment and laughter had dominated the night.

Lance and Lacey were chosen as the best dance of the week making them perform their winning Tango again on the beat of Disturbia.

Host Tom Bergeron announces the first guest stars of the night. Performing together since childhood, the world famous Spanish flamenco dancers and brothers Los Vivancos heated up the “Dancing with the Stars” stage in a sizzling and show stopping performance. They have their own fans as well. DWTS host Samantha Harris let out some appreciative yells, as she bobbed her head in time with the music. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba let out her fair share of appreciative catcalls, raising her arms in the air when the dancers ripped off their jackets.

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