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Survivor: Gabon – Who Outwitted, Outsmarted and Outlast Them All?

The season finale of Survivor: Gabon came at last. And its great. Lots of pent up emotions revealed on the final night. All I can say is that the one who won the million dollars really deserved it, that’s my own opinion.

When the five castaways came back to camp, they have been reeling when they have blindsided Crystal. Kenny’s been trying to come up with something that might save him on the next tribal council. He said that he felt betrayed because Bob did not give him the immunity idol. But Bob said to him to get his own. Sugar on the other hand have her eyes on being on the final three with Matty and Bob and she sweet talk Kenny that they are going both in the final three.

On the final five immunity challenge – they have to dressed up as warriors. Then Jeff brought them into a giant set of maze. They have to find bags of a puzzle pieces and build a miniature Japanese hut on the end of the maze. But they have to get through the maze first. Susie and Sugar had a pretty good lead at the start but the others have made it even eventually. However, when it comes to the final tasks of making the hut, Bob outwitted them all and wins his fifth immunity in a row.

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Survivor: Gabon – The Good Guys Should Win In The End

The Good Guys Should Win in the End: A pushy castaway could land in hot water after using guilt to control an ally; the hidden immunity idol is put into play at the tribal council; one castaway is eliminated. Its the 13th episode of Survivor: Gabon and the chatting battle is scorching hot.

Kenny feels that he’s on the hot sit. He confronted Bob about being lied upon the immunity idol on the Tribal Council. Bob feels guilty and promises Kenny to give the idol if he wins the immunity challenge.

During the reward challenge, a trip to the Gorilla Project Zoo, a meal, bath and clothes are at stake. The winner of the challenge will get to choose two members of the tribe to share the prize and also the power to put one member in exile. In the reward challenge the castaways had to race into the swamp through a bunch of obstacles to get a ball at the end of the course. Then they had to go back to the start and toss that ball into a net. The first to get three balls in the net would win the reward. Matty has a huge time advantage against the other castaways however Bob gained upon him and it all comes down on the last shop and Bob won. He choose Crystal and Kenny to come with him on the national park and he place Susie to exile.

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Amazing Race 13 Finale Results: Nick And Starr Won On The Final Race Across Portland

The Amazing Race 13 has come to its finale leg and three teams are going to race to get the million dollars reward. Who will take the lead among the three? Will Nick and Starr maintain their last leg winning streak or will Ken and Tina pass them up or the frat boys Dan and Andrew change their luck and be the lucky guys to win this race? We’ll find out on the Amazing Race 13 Final Episode.

At 10:55pm Nick and Starr are the first to leave Moscow, Russia for their next and final destination, Portland, Oregon. Andrew and Dan followed, and Ken and Tina are the last one to leave the Russian City. They’ve gone to the airport and have booked the same flights at Lufthansa airlines. From Moscow they are going 5,000 miles to the city of Portland.

Arriving at the airport, all the teams race to the taxis waiting to their first destination, a park in Nuremberg where they are going to encounter their Detour.

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