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Deepak Chopra on Michael Jackson

Deepak Chopra on Michael Jackson

You must read this post over at Celeb Robot.


“Deepak indicated that Michael was an on and off again friend who would regularly disappear and change numbers and such. Apparently though Michael was excited about his new music and sent Deppak a tune to go over and help with. Also noted was that Deepak confronted Michael on several occasions about getting away from presciption drugs.”

More on Deepak Chopra and Michael Jackson at Celeb Robot

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I’m a Celebrity – you jerk – get me out of here!

NBC was criticized for bringing back a loser of a show when they set up a new version of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” a few weeks ago.

I admit I was going to pass on it but somehow ran across it as it was being shown and I must admit I was sucked in right away.

Mainly because Heidi and Spencer were such primadonna idiots! It was fun! And then they left and came back and by then I was actually enjoying the show.

Hey – I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – is FUN!

Now, I am not going to analyze it or go on much further, but I will say that the cast is really good – better than you would imagine. They almost all have flaws and show their weaknesses.

Sanjaya has really stood out as likeable. Same with Torrie.

In any event – there is another week to go I believe – check out I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here on NBC!

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