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The Big Brother 11 House is going after the Sexy Ladies

Being beautiful is not always an asset on reality tv shows such as Big Brother 11 on CBS.

Is it just me, or does it seem like in most, if not all, reality TV shows, the hottest ladies always go home sooner than later??? If you are good looking and on a reality TV show – odds are you’ll be leaving early in the season.

Maybe it’s just my male perspective that dwells on the fact that the ladies are being targeted for eviction on Big Brother 11, but the TV commercials are milking this fact. Two hot babes – which one will go??? The commercials running for Big Brother 11 on CBS are billing the next episode as “The bikini model and the girl next door are up for eviction… Who will go home???”

The “girl next door” is Jordan and the “Bikini Model” is Laura.

While I initially liked Jordan more than Laura, I must say Laura quickly grew on me as she had more to her than just her looks. She was actually kind of shrewd and somewhat smart. Not rocket scientist smart, but “street smart”. Jordan on the other hand is charming and cuddly and oh so tanned, but she is as dumb as a rock.

Just this past episode the BB11 producers treated us to a conversation between Jeff and Jordan that was hard to swallow. She could not get a handle on how to tell time. Really. She couldn’t get the quarter hour thing and kept saying that a quarter hour was 25 minutes. Even after Jeff helped her cut 60 in half and then 30 in half – he asked how many minutes in a quarter hour and she said 25. She was confused that an hour was 100 minutes I reckon… wow…

Now don’t get me wrong… I was all flushed and beet red and laughing as she got herself all confused over how to tell time, but man, are there really people out there in the USA that are dumber than the Jay Walkers on the Tonight Show??? Apparently so.

But that’s ok, as Jordan is nice and cute and I’d still cuddle her, although trust me; I’d be smart enough not to make the conversation too heavy. Now, I heard some talk that she had a boob job, and noticing her physique I am perplexed because as it looks from my view, she has some odd shaped boobage. Maybe she just has some old style Jayne Mansfield/Madonna type bra on, but her cones don’t go where you’d expect them. Just a little side note.

And while we’re on the subject of the phys-assets of the 2 girls, who can avoid pairing up Laura and her giganto jugs. I mean – yes – you can look at ‘em all you want, but Laura seems more fixated on them than we are (I’m not the only one am I). She seems to have a chip on her shoulder and is just too worried people are not taking her seriously because she has abnormally large boobs and is constantly showing that wondrous cleavage gap so we can’t help but keep them out of our awareness.

Now, if that isn’t un-natural enough, I must say that Laura has one of the worst cases of an UPSIDE down smile I have ever seen. Laura is very pretty when she smiles and laughs but she is constantly sporting a frown. A big anti-smile. That’s just not natural! Smile girlfriend!

OK – so I got that stuff off my chest. I like those 2 gals. Jordan is sweet and Laura is smart and interesting in her own way. I can’ say that about very many of the other houseguests. (more…)

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Big Brother 11 debuts on CBS – July 9,2009

Reality TV kicks butt in the Summer!

All right! It’s time for an all new Summer of fun with Big Brother on CBS starting this Thursday, July 9, 2009!

American Reality TV has gotten one thing right and that is the Big Brother show on CBS!

The all new Big Brother 11 is launching this week and I can’t wait! It’s always one of my favorite shows and with 3 episodes a week – it always manages to take over my Tivo! Add to the the 3 hour Big Brother After Dark on Showtime (Showtoo) and you’ve got a clogged DVR laoded with stuff to watch!

If you want to get a tour of the new Big Brother house – be sure to check out CBS’s the Early Show as they are giving tour this week on one of their episodes. It may be today’s show – I’m not sure. YOU can likely find it on youtube :’>

Along with reality tv hostess Julie Chen, we have an all new roster of contestants/houseguests, one of them touted as a “bikini model”. Her name is Laura and BIKINI is her misddle name.

The Big Brother 11 Cast includes: Braden, Casey, Chima, Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, Laura, Lydia, Michele, Natalie, Ronnie and Russell

Who will be the mean one? Who will be the cry baby? Tune in to find out!

More on Big Brother at the CBS Web Site.

Visit Sir Links Alot Big Brother 11 Links

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