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Big Brother 11’s Jordan is the Big Winner

Big Brother Picks a Winner!

Ratings must be good for this past season of Big Brother 11!

Big Brother 11 ended with Jordan getting more votes than Kevin in the series finale hich was more fun than most in recent memory.

I must admit I was happy to see Jordan get the big prize. Jeff, not to be left out, also got an America’s Choice check for 25 grand as the favorite vote getter. That’s cool too! Right on Jeff! You played the best game!

Kevin got the runner up prize and Natalie was completely out of the running. She was too cocky and it was nice to see Jordan rise above her.

Well… they are casting or another season so I giess that means Big Brother 12 will be hitting the screens next Summer! Unless of course they suprise us again with another season before then as they did in the past! You can nevr have too many Big Brother’s each year!

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The Problem With Big Brother

WHAT is the Problem With Big Brother?

OK, so that’s a snotty way to start a piece – by ragging on the almighty Big Brother…

I know… But hey – it happens every time the Big Brother show winds down to the end of the season. The trouble with Big Brother is that it gets boring towards the end and I almost lose interest.

Actually it happens to almost all reality tv shows that GET RID of the ‘contestants” or in Big Brother’s case – the houseguests.

It never fails to happen in Reality TV. Survival of the fittest is not always applicable.

As the better players, and often most attractive ones, and even the more highly “spirited” ones get knocked off the shows, the drama goes with them and things get a little lame at times.

Take the current installment of Big Brother 11. While it is still a good tv show and each episode has it’s moments, it has been getting more and more weak the past few episodes.

We’re near the end and it’s down to Jordan, Natalie, Michelle and the gay guy and it’s boring!

OH yes, his name is Kevin…Sorry!

Sure, they opened Pandora’s box and Natalie was hooked up with her boyfriend who proposed to her but soooo what! And then she lied – poorly… mild drama at best.

So – what is goin on now in the BB11 house??? (more…)

Comments (1) 5:55 pm |

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