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Spartacus: Blood and Sand – Best Show Ever!

Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Starz is the best show on TV… errr… it was! It’s first season is now over and I will long for the way they spoke despite having oneself lots of misery with their odd manners and such.

But funny language quirks aside – that show should have been called Spartacus: Blood and Guts and Boobs because it showed more spatter in slow mo and more body organs strewn about than any other show I have seen. I just love the fact they dis not hold back in any manner.

And it was not gratuituis violence or sex. It all made sense and helped portray the time and the period with impact.

I saved the last final episode of the season to watch again as it was just that good! I’m saving it for when my blood lust gets out of control. (more…)

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Southland Mini Series on TNT – what?

Southland the tv show, formerly of NBC – now on TNT is a great show! It’s the best crime drama tv series out there. But what the hell is TNT doing with it?

It’s not much of a series – I’d say more like a mini series.

Mini Series have more episodes that what TNT did with this Southland show.

OK… this is what confuses me and gets my goat.

In February Ben McKenzie was doing the talk show circuit and says it’s back and the new Southland season starts on TNT with a premiere tonight.

Hmmm… that came out of nowhere, but hey – I liked the Southland show from it’s handful of episodes on NBC the year before.

I’m enthused it’s back on tv. (more…)

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