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What Happened on the Lost Finale?

It’s the morning after the big night of the Lost tv show finale.

I have to say, this is hard to admit, but last night’s Lost TV Finale last episode had a huge impact on me. It’s like I now have Lost engrained in my brain whether I want to or not. My brain activity is going nuts and all I can think about are bits and pieces that are coming to me now about what happened on Lost last night.

I am wondering what did it all mean and what was the ending trying to say and does that mean THIS and THAT and oh my gollee… I can’t stop!

Apparently I am not the only one because when I turned on my notebook this morning and I saw the “Google Hot Trends” keywords that people are searching for – I noticed I am not the only one with LOST on my mind.

9 out of the top 20 were searches for lost keywords and 1 additional on purgatory – most likely that one was because of Lost.

3. lost finale explanation
4. lost alternate endings
7. jimmy kimmel lost q and a
8. lost series finale theories
10. lost explained
11. lost review
14. lost answers
15. lost wiki
17. lost blog
19. purgatory

I don’t think I have ever had a tv show that provoked this much thought. During the regular season and now becuase of the massive Lost TV I absorbed last night.

I mean hey – think about it… They started with that 2 hour retrospective where they went back to the beginning and explained what had happened along the way towards the end and included some thoughts from cast members and producers (why don’t we ever see JJ Abrahams talking about it by the way???).

Then after those 2 hours I was thrust into the final episode which ran 2 1/2 hours long… 150 more minutes as we watched Lost draw near to it’s final conclusion.

Now – aside from the show being great last night and the ending being satisfying – face it – 4 and 1/2 hours on any topic and your head will be buzzing. But add to that how much of an impact this kind of even has on those of us who are deeply connected to the show and the characters.

Now – I could have gone on and watched the Jimmy Kimmel show where they revealed the alternate endings (three of them?) but I was just too LOST-out… I watched the news which had MORE Lost cast members interviewed and then went to bed thoroughly exhausted and mentally beaten up. (more…)

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The Apple iPad Sucks (still!)

Sorry, but the Apple iPad sucks (still) – especially apparent after watching this video clip from InfoMania on Current TV!

Ipad Flash Infomania

Apple sucks once again and is planning world domination again… This time they want to take Adobe Flash away from us…

Man, I still can’t believe iPad won’t support Flash…

That’s insane.

Jobs claims battery life using flash would be 1 hour of use versus non-flash 10 jours per battery…. uhhhh… ok. I beleive you Steve Jobs.

Jobs – flash will murder the ipad – really now lets be realistic

Can we not just all be SHEEP and let Apple know they can’t force this stuff down our throats.

Almost all web sites use FLASH to show video content (I do!) – that means you can’t see thevideos on the web pages UNLESS the sites change to a format Apple approves of (most likely their own I bet) (more…)

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