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Big Brother 12 is Back on CBS (but not in HD)


That must mean that Big Brother 12 on CBS is here!

I have watched the first 2 episodes of Big Brother 12 on CBS (last Thursday’s premiere and Sundays followup episode) and am very satisfied with the casting of the houseguests and the premise.

It looks like it will be a fun season! They even introduced a new “sabateur” which half of them can’t pronounce. I guess that means we should expect a fair dose of sabotage!

I’ll be writing more of my thoughts on the cast after I have had a chance to properly digest who they are and what they’re about. So far I am having trouble with 2 of the contestants… I do not care for Kathy and Andrew. Either of them could be the sabateur – although my money is on Andrew. If he’s not the sabateur – he’s just too weird. I’ll share more impressions in the next follow up article!

I need to get one BIG GRIPE out of the way – but don’t let my mini rant thwart your potential enthusiasm for the show.

I’m a big fan indeed – but I am also big enough to need to shout out to CBS and hopefully they may hear and finally get with the times and give us a season of Big Brother that is in HD – High Definition!

That’s right – can you believe it – Big Brother has not yet changed it’s old camera equipment to give us a season of Big Brother in High Definition.

Heck – even the Late Late Show with Craig Fergusan is in High Definition.

If they can spring the extra bucks and shoot Craig’s talk show in HD – can’t they rig up the Big Brother house with HD Cameras??? (Craig’s show is the best talk show on tv by the way – it’s great to have it in HD!) (more…)

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