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Big Brother 14 on Tumblr

If you’re a big fan of the reality tv show Big Brother 14 on CBS you’ll definitely want to go checkout Big Brother 14 on Tumblr

Tumblr is a great place to find cool stuff about the things you like.

Big Brother 14 on Tumblr

The Big Brother Blog at Tumblr is updated all the time! It’s really fresh!

One reason Tumblr is so cool for finding out news about Big Brother is that it’s super easy for people to blog on Tumblr because it’s a “microblog”!¬†That means people can post short little blips, pictures, videos or even full articles – but the key is it’s fast and it’s fun and therefor a LOT of great stuff ends up on Tumblr!

Compare that to regular blogs like this one where you really need a little more SUBSTANCE for an article.

Tumblr is the opposite and only requires a picture if that’s all you want!

And a great feature of Tumblr is that people will find the good stuff and REBLOG it! They’ll put it on their blog and hot stuff can pass hands like wildfire.

Take for example the Team Britney post on the Big Brother on Tumblr blog. It’s been gaining momentum and is being passed around like crazy!

Also – some blogs like this one allow you to ask questions or even¬†POST about Big Brother on the blog itself. That’s pretty vool!

Well – that’s all for now – get over to the tumblr blog and get in on the action for Big Brother 14!

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Big Brother 14 Premeiers Tonight on CBS

It’s here again! Big Brother is back!

One of my favorite shows is back for a 14th season (wow) and once again Julie Chen (aka Chen Bot) is the Host. Big Brother 14 on CBS is the king of summer reality tv shows!

Who knows if we’ll like the houseguests this year or if any pretty girls are part of the show – but at least we have Julie Chen!

Julie usually shows up only for the live shows (Thursday nights) and makes sure we get recaps of what happened during the time when the show is not on tv.

She tends to do a good job and is a great host!

To make sure you keep up on Big Brother 14 on CBS make sure you bookmark the following sites

Big Brother 14 on Tumblr

Big Brother CBS Site

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