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Big Brother 14 Game Changed

The reset button has changed the game and Big Brother 14 is a whole new adventure!

Big Brother is a lot of fun to watch and talk about with friends!

We’re only a little over 3 weeks into this summer’s season of Big Brother 14 on CBS and they’ve already thrown us a major game changer.

The 4 coaches who were leading Big Brother teams and NOT playing in the game are NOW players.

I guess that’s ok – but I am sure the houseguests don’t like it much.

Coaches Janelle, Britney, Boogie and Dan are no longer just leading their teams but now they’re playing against them. No more teams!

From the standpoint of adding twists and new angles, this could add some tension and fun moments watching the anger impact the game play.

America voted and brought them back in. If they didn’t come back it sounded like they were ready to bring back evicted players. Makes sense as the cast this year was smaller (not including the coaches).

All in all it’s a fun summer so far on Big Brother 14 – but there are a few negatives and I’ll go into those later. For now let’s just focus on having a summer good time with BB14!

Look at some cool BB14 photos at Big Brother on Tumblr – see Team Janelle and coaches of Big Brother 14 as well as other great photos!

See the houseguests uncut on Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. It’s been fun this year!

More on Big Brother at the CBS site.

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