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Big Brother’s Father Dan is outsmarting himself.

TV Robot Exclusive Article on Big Brother 10 by Mike Liebner

Is Father Dan outsmarting himself by rationaliziing why he does things? He may be fooling himself…

OK, I am trying to cut the guy some slack for his crutch of extreme religinousness, but Father Dan is starting to get on my nerves.

We just saw Dan win Big Brother’s coveted Head of Household honors but at the expense of cutting a stupid deal with Ollie. Basically Dan gave an assurance that Michelle would not be evicted and gave Ollie 1 of the 2 picks for selection of evictees and also gave Ollie the power of veto selection.

Basically Dan gets to put up one houseguest for eviction and that’s it.

Poor Memphis got the brunt of this blunder as Dan put him up for eviction along with Jerry. Ollie selected Memphis and Dan honored his deal. I was hoping this would be one of those back stabbing Big Brother moments and that Dan would back out of his promises to Ollie. After all, who could blame him for renigging on a deal that was simply too stupid for prime time… this deal could cost Dan the game as he may be helping evict the ones who would keep him and his crew in the game.

Memphis is rightfully upset. Some alliance… Dan thinks he may be able to get the 3 votes needed to get Jerry voted out, but as we all know Big Brother doesn’t always work out the way that is expected.

Now, it wasn’t my butt in that sling thing up there battling with Ollie, so I can’t say for sure that Dan would have outlasted him, but he didn’t need to cut such an extreme deal. Ollie would have taken much less. Also, Dan did not even ask to protect himself in the future in exchange for the big favors.

Ollie, after all was a dead man now that his gal pal April was booted from the house last week. Ollie had no one… we all know that Michelle would have gone any way the wind blows, but now, thanks to Dan, Michelle is fortified in an alliance with Ollie again.

We’ll see how it plays out. I know it is just a game. Maybe it will turn out that Dan gets a boost from this blunder. Who knows. I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to see!

At this point I don’t really have a favorite to win – so as long as it is not Rennie or Jerry, I can think happy thoughts for any of the houseguests…

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