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Big Brother’s Keesha is a dumb blonde!

Keesha is kinda cute – in a strange kind of way – but her looks are about all she’s got going for herself. She’s a bit ditzy.

Loyalty in a game like Big Brother is not usually part of a winning strategy.

Losers are loyal!

I think I’m down on her today because she keeps doing stupid things. For example the house had a perfect opportunity to get conceited muscle boy Jessie and evict him – but Keesha gets what Keesha wants – and the houseguests vote to evict Angie – just like Keesha wanted.

Now, you could tell that the house would have preferred to vote out Jessie while they had him on the block. But for some reason Keesha is threatened by Angie. Anyone with half a brain would know that Jessie was more of  a threat. He could win endurance competitions or challenges requiring muscles, while Angie was no real threat – either physically or from a power or mental or strategy standpoint. In fact – it is so obviuos Jessie is the powerful leader of his pack and Angie WAS just a follower looking for any way to stay in the house.

If Angie stayed in the game, it’d almost be a guarantee that Keesha would not get put up for eviction very soon. At least she could have bargained with Angie. Jessie on the other hand is definitely going for Keesha or one of her supposed loyal friends.

And that brings up the division in the house.

It is very clear that Jessie and Michelle and Memphis are in bed together. Keesha only had the numbers because she was head of household (a HOH) and her puppets would go her way no matter what.

Now, the house will likely not blame her for evicting Angie – so maybe that’s kind of safe – but they would have rewarded her for giving them the head of Jessie. Keesha had an oppotunity to really gain some power by bargaining and allowing Jessie to be the one evicted. More of her allies would have been happy I think.

Oh well… it’s easy to second guess them from the sidelines, but I can say for sure that Keesha is not playing a strategy game. And look at how she is LOCKED into her “loyalty” to Libra. Now, that’s just plain stupid. Why pledge loyalty to the end in a game that changes day by day??? and Libra isn’t even a loyal friend. She’ll go any way the wind blows.

And what is all this fake sorrow from Keesha over losing Stephen the gay rodeo boy who got dumped from the house??? They barely had time to know each other. Is this a social networking club or a game to win money??? why does she have to avenge Stephen’s demise??? That’s dumb. Keep you emotions where they can’t be read. It only makes for weakness.

Well… I guess we’ll have to see how it pans out, but if I were to make some predictions it is that one of the anti-Keesha houseguests will be winning HOH – the building thing is an endurance challenge and Memphis, Jessie and Michelle are all very strong. They can win challenges like that very easily. Other than Ollie maybe, nobody in Keesha’s group is strong.

If Jessie or Memphis or Michelle gets HOH you can bet that Keesha is out the door. I would rather see her stay – I did call her dumb but she aint so bad to watch. Kind a cute and airheaded is fun to watch and I guess fun to write about as I vent my feelings here…

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