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Big Brother’s Gay Rodeo Circuit

By Mike Liebner,

6 episodes, two evictions and

16 days into Big Brother 10

and I must say I love it!

Big Brother is still the best reality TV show on television! The staple reality TV show Big Brother consistently delivers a breath of fresh air and is as fun to watch as ever. While Big Brother 10 may have it’s weaknesses and a few ups and downs, it still is the top must see reality TV show! If you’ve been missing out, you better get in on the action while it’s still early!

This season Big Brother 10 is stirring it up and giving us a live studio audience for it’s weekly eviction episodes. While I admit I sometimes try to resist change from the things I know and love, it does work very well and the studio audience doesn’t hamper Julie Chen’s ability to carry out the eviction ceremony successfully.

In a vote of 9 to 0, the 2nd eviction ceremony has put an end to Big Brother’s “Gay Rodeo Circuit”.

The BB10 houseguests evicted the so called gay rodeo competitor Steven, thereby keeping in the other guy on the chopping block, religious and oliy haired schoolteacher Dan.

Now back to this alleged GAY RODEO CIRCUIT

On the show and on the web page for Steven he is referred to as “Steven is a geographic consultant by day and a rodeo cowboy by night. He is a champion bull rider in the gay rodeo circuit.”…

Hey ya’ll, is there really a “gay rodeo circuit” as they refer to it, or is Steven just a gay bull rider in a straight rodeo circuit??? These things confuse me, but regardless, Steven was a genuinely nice guy and I’m glad that religious schoolteacher Dan (also on the block) could see him as more than just “gay Steven” (Dan’s own words).

Hey Marcellas – before you blow a blood vessel or two getting mad at me, I’m not being homophobic – I have nothing against gay bull riders – Big Brother is the one playing up the gay rodeo circuit angle – I’m just reporting on it.

Apparently it is important to the producers to play up on the gay angle. If it wasn’t brought up by the show, I’d have no idea that Steven cited his perfect romantic partner as strong and masculine

Now, back to the show and some Big Brother 10 cast talk.

The cast this season is among the best they’ve had in a longtime. BUT that said – why not have a few petite younger women in the mix???? The gals all seem to be big giant amazons! Young, dumb and cute can make for some fun BB action! Sorry, couldn’t resist getting in that request… and while you guys are at it – can you please release DVD’s of the earliest seasons of Big Brother??? I’m not sure WHY you have not released them on DVD. It’d be good for the BB franchise to let fans spend money with you!


It’s most likely a good idea I give a cast rundown now, because soon we’ll have more of the houseguests missing and forgotten (only 2 have been evicted at present). Also it’s always fun to look back and see what perceptions were early on, as the season will change our minds back and forth again and again.

So let’s get some points put on paper about the houseguests.

Brian – Evicted first week. Brian was way too sure of himself and let his mind think he had powers he didn’t really earn yet. Why he would try to be the ring leader in the early part of the season, I don’t know… It was very interesting to see how BB producers jumped on it and portrayed him as the ultimate puppet master and manipulator. He certainly was, but they took the ball and really ran with it. For the sake of adding drama and tension it worked. Especially when we saw that early alliance crumble. Funny how this conceited player got played. I did like him, but must admit it was satisfying to see him get evicted.

Steven – Evicted second week. Steven seemed a bit too quiet and reserved. I don’t think it was his early alliance that got him in trouble either. I think that muscle boy Jessie was somehow nervous about the bull riders athletic capabilities and that played in the decision to put him up for eviction.

Jerry – The colonel was the first head of household. Boy, he seems like an odd choice for Big Brother. I can’t say he is a bad guy, but he seems a bit wishy washy. Also I don’t get his logic. He is really stuck on that Marine thing. When he used it as a crutch for lying or changing his mind, it really revealed how shallow and untrustworthy Jerry is. What does not wearing marine gear when he lied have to do with anything on  a personal worth level??? I think he’ll soon alienate someone and the tides will turn against him. He was given a pass at the start by being ranted HOH without them knowing him. Now after they know about him, I predict the guests will turn on him.

Jessie – Boy that guy might have nine lives. He seemed like a goner when Jerry first put him up for eviction. But somehow after winning power of veto and removing himself, he started to fly under the radar. Then when he got the second head of household, all that power went to his conceited head. Funny how his Mom revealed he was a small frail child before he bulked up and became the hulk. He most likely has an inferiority complex that will stick with him all his life. That may have something to do with him going after Steven.

Memphis – this guy comes across as the sharpest player in the house. He is likeable and shrewd but not overly cocky. He doesn’t seem to be ruffling any feathers however he is definitely playing a good game and into it. I’m guessing but I don’t think he would have aligned with Jessie if Jess had not been the head of household. I think he will stray from Jessie in the near future.

Angie – I want to like her but there is something about her that makes me uneasy. She has a few interesting moments but comes across as too blah. She could have fallen in the deep end but I think that Memphis saved her by including her in his so called alliance. Just when she thought she was doomed he saved her. Let’s see how far that goes though. She does not come across as that popular with the house. I could see her being one of the next to go.

Keesha – she just won head of household so her fate has changed considerably. Bad temper and seems irrational quite often. She was not among favor with many of the hamsters so I suspect she would have been in trouble sooner than later. But now that she is HOH she has the ability to use this power to gain new strategic alliances in the future. Is it just me or is she kinda odd in how she constantly contorts her face? While she has some nice features and is not bad to look at, something about her comes across as odd. Then again, maybe it’s simply because she and the others are under such scrutiny that we even notice these things. I predict she will snap soon and someone will be out to get her. Most likely April or Libra will turn on her if Keesha doesn’t turn on them first.

April –  OK, get ready for some crude observations. I wouldn’t mind seeing April naked, she has nice legs and a good shape, but her face is lacking in beauty. And while I must admit I don’t mind looking at her, she seems very unstable and I’d run as fast as I could from a relationship with someone such as her (as if I’ll have that chance – I know – but I can still observe) April let everybody know her boobs are real and let them feel her mams in the first episode. I give her points for that but that should tell us a little about April and why her self worth is very low. April is a good candidate to become a stripper, so she gets the attention she needs. While not so bad looking with makeup – this gal gets kinda haggy in the face when she is not painted and primped. We’ve also seen her ugly emotional side as she got into it with Keesha. I don’t care how cute or charming she can be, this is the kind of gal I’d stay far away from. Loose cannon. In my opinion she spells trouble. But I won’t turn away if she gets naked on Big Brother After Dark on Showtime Too.

Ollie – the guy seems pretty sharp. Initially he seemed like he’d be ultra religinous and quoting scripture each episode, but it turns out he is normal level headed guy. I think he got caught with his pants down when April and Libra confronted him about Brian but he did a terrific job at changing perceptions. He went from an evil conspirator in bed with Brian to the master puppeteer of getting Brian put up on the block. I give him props for pulling that off. Also, isn’t it strange that while Dan and Steven got grilled being in an alliance with evil Brian, that Ollie never gets any of that fallout??? Good for Ollie, he’s playing a great game. I think he can make it far if he manages t keep flying under the radar and can do the same disappearing act when April becomes a target and falls into disfavor with the house.

Michelle – She is cocky and strong and outspoken. She has the potential to explode and say stupid things at any moment. If provoked she may lose it. But maybe she can keep it cool for the money…. At times I want to dislike her, but I must admit she’s pretty smart. She managed to align herself with Jessie as he had his power as HOH. While they do seem tight, I do expect she’ll be smart enough to distance herself from him when she has to. As long as she can keep her thoughts to herself and avoid any blowups, I think she has a chance to last a long time. Now, if she gets too vocal and gets into confrontations that could change, but I do think she’ll try to keep her temper under control. We’ll see.

Libra – at first she seemed ok, now I’m kinda down on her. It all depends on if she can control her temper. Also, she is playing too many sides. She needs to start keeping quiet about her thoughts and stop trying to manipulate people. She’ll go much further than if she tries to push things her way. I think she may be the next to go, or very soon. Keesha will turn on her and a few others as well. And oh, did you see the condition of the skin on her stomach???? Argghhhh…. It made the alien look like a supermodel. Keep her covered pppplease!

Renny – another odd choice for Big Brother casting. She is obnoxious and weird. But now that she has dropped from the firing squad that was after here the first few days, I think she may have some staying power. But she will need to get Jerry out. If she is up against Jerry as a choice she will lose, but if she gets him out she will take the target off of her. Can she be quiet enough to stay out of the limelight??? Maybe not.

Dan – I don’t know about him. He seems a little greasy… I can’t say his game has been that good either. He did outlast Steven of gay rodeo circuit fame (sorry!), but that was easy as macho Steven was doomed to get evicted. Dan could have saved himself from being a target if he had dealt with the Brian issues differently. Perhaps though now that he survived, it is possible he may get replaced with someone else put in harms way. If that is the case Dan has a chance to slip into obscurity and save himself. Plus, he is now buds with muscular Jessie. If he keeps quiet and doesn’t play to ohard he may be ok… That is the only way he can do it. By flying under the radar or by focusing the spotlight on someone else. Other than that Dan is kind of boring and seems not so clever. Maybe he is just too nice for Big Brother.

Well, that sums up the rants and raves about the Big Brother 10 cast.

OK, did I trash them enough??? Was I right on target or am I a nimrod???

I’m curious what you guys think. Register for this blog and post your comments. I’d love to hear from ya’ll! Even if you think I’m a dufus! We can have some fun disagreements! Come on! Tell us what ya think!

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