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The Best Shows Currently on TV

The Best Shows Currently on TV by Mike Liebner

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when my Tivo is stuffed to the gills with great programming.

There are so many great shows on TV right now! In fact my two Tivo’s are  stuffed with too much programming to ever to watch!

As a result my drive space is shrinking and my recording capabilities diminished.

That means some tough choices need to be made and as a result some TV shows I like will fall to the wayside.

Last year that happened with the O.C. of which I cleared all the stacked up episodes off of Tivo and cancelled my season pass. This year that is happening to The Amazing Race All Stars. Sorry, that show has been starting to get on my nerves! I just can’t take it anymore. I just deleted 3 episodes of Amazing Race which I wasn’t  watching anyways and before that, since Rob and Amber got eliminated I had started fast forwarding through episodes anyways. So just now, I went and deleted the Amazing Race season pass. So what! Survival of the fittest!

So what is all that great programming on TV right now? What do I think the best shows currently on TV are?

Well, to do that we need to take a look at my Tivo.

Here are my picks for top shows on television (on my Tivo boxes) right now!

In some sort of order along with brief comments

1. 24 – 24 is without question the best show on TV. I think it’s because the writing is so clever that it keeps getting better each season. What would seem like a constricting factor, I think he 24 hour timeframe actually brings out more creativity from the writers. This show is one of the few shows I MUST watch as soon as I can. Usually the same night it airs! (more…)

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24 and Jack are back! 4 hours kick butt!

Well, my buddy Kiefer Sutherland may not have walked away with a Golden Globe the other night, but he did walk away with 2 of the best season premiere episodes in recent tv memory!

Sunday and Monday gave us back to back 2 hour episodes of the best action tv series on television! 24 with Kiefer Sutherland is back on Fox!

How do they do it? Season after season it’s as good as it was or maybe even better!

Episode 1 was a killer as we saw a tortured and near dead Jack Bauer return from Chinese prison and it’s interrogation. Jack has balls because the China dude said to tell your president that we couldn’t get Jack to talk… Hooray!

A badly sliced up and scarred Jack made us feel sympathetic but it did not take long from Jack to go from his “die for the USA” mission to a complete turn around and lead the US efforts to thwart terrorist attacks!

You go Jack!

24’s season premiere episode 2 was riveting as well and ended with a nuclear bomb going off. Just as we thought Jack was at the end of his rope and gave up we find he is now back in the game to save the USA!

You go Jack!

I don’t know about you but 24 is the best show on TV and I can’t wait for next Mondays new 1 hour episode.. boy, I wish they’d all be 2 hours! That’s be intense!

Oh, and isn’t it cool? You can already get the DVD with the 2 two hour season premiere episodes! How’s that for catering to the 24 fan base! Kudos to Fox on this one!

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