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Tila Tequila’s Been Rejected By Her Shot Of Love

At the finale of Tila Tequila’s A Shot Of Love Season 2, the bisexual Tila had a very twisted ending in the story. She was dumped by no other than Kristy Morgan whom she gave a chance for her shot of love. What sad finale for the Internet savvy girl.

She was made to choose between the last two contestants, potential boyfriend Bo and Kristy, when she dismissed Bo after he did his best to use his body heat to melt a block of ice to get to “Tila’s heart” frozen in the center. “I’ve been calling Tila my girlfriend for a long time now,” a heartbroken Bo told the cameras. “I really do love Tila. You always get your Bo-bear.”

However, after a steamy make out session with Kristy in the hot tub, Tila was surprised when Kristy rejected her final key. “You love that I’m honest and that I’m true to my feelings and true about who I am,” Kristy told a teary Tila. “If I take this key, I’m not being true.”

“Why would you do that now?” Tila asked. “Why would you put me through all this process… I feel humiliated.”

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