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Congrats to Models who won Amazing Race!

Congrats to the dude model boys who won Amazing Race! By Mike

Congrats model boys! You deserve the first place and the million bucks for winning the Amazing Race!

It just goes to show that you CAN experiment with DRUGS and get off track so long as you reign yourself back in and get back to the good way of life!

These 2 boys deserve the big prize! Rob and Kimberly would have been deserving as well but I am glad the boys won.

As for Alabama finishing 3rd – they should be proud. They had the most challenging time!

The season finale was fun to watch. The end was a slight bit anti-climatic as they did not play up the race to the finish but despite that it was still satsifying to see all the racers applaud them as the finished first!

Coming soon is Amazing Race All Stars! I wonder who will be on that? Rob and Amber???

Comments (0) 12:00 am |

Good Locations in this Amazing Race

Where will Amazing Race 10 take us next???

This season’s episodes of Amazing Race 10 are much more enjoyable than last season. Maybe it is the locations that make it better??? Maybe it is the contestants?

Viet Nam, Kuwait, India have been very interesting…

Amazing Race did a great job with casting this go round!

Whatever the reason I am enjoying Amazing Race 10 far more than ever.

I do wish sometimes they’d back off a notch on the frenetic pace, but I guess that is what makes the show tick.

Amazing Race 10 is definitely at the top of my Tivo list and it looks like it will be staying there!

Comments (0) 1:13 pm |

Amazing Race 10 wins a Tivo Time Slot!

OK, I have said it before but I may have to eat my words that Amazing Race is the Amazing Bore!

Why? Because this season each episode has turned out to be quite entertaining. Also I have hardly ever FAST FORWARDED with Tivo!

HARDLY doesn’t exactly make the Amazing Race 10 worthy of a top spot on my TIVO season pass, but assuming I still have room after adding all those new network premeiere series that the Amizing Race 10 will stay on the list.

So, what do I like about it? Well, this season the casting is excellent! The people are all pretty likeable and I am am actually rooting for a few of them! Of course I realize that the attractive babes are soon to start getting knocked up, er knocked off the race, but hopefully it will keep entertaining us!

So for now Phil, you’ve got my loyalty – but you guys better keep the race fun and exciting!

Comments (0) 2:19 pm |

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