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Amazing Race 13 Finale Results: Nick And Starr Won On The Final Race Across Portland

The Amazing Race 13 has come to its finale leg and three teams are going to race to get the million dollars reward. Who will take the lead among the three? Will Nick and Starr maintain their last leg winning streak or will Ken and Tina pass them up or the frat boys Dan and Andrew change their luck and be the lucky guys to win this race? We’ll find out on the Amazing Race 13 Final Episode.

At 10:55pm Nick and Starr are the first to leave Moscow, Russia for their next and final destination, Portland, Oregon. Andrew and Dan followed, and Ken and Tina are the last one to leave the Russian City. They’ve gone to the airport and have booked the same flights at Lufthansa airlines. From Moscow they are going 5,000 miles to the city of Portland.

Arriving at the airport, all the teams race to the taxis waiting to their first destination, a park in Nuremberg where they are going to encounter their Detour.

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Amazing Race 13 – Is A Military March That Hard?

Its been a long way since Amazing Race 13 started out and now they are heading to Moscow! Find out if today’s episode will bring the final 3 teams or is this a non elimination leg? Will Nick and Starr continue to dominate with 5 legs being on the top? Check out the flirting moments of Dallas and Starr!

The teams had been on the country of Kazakhstan and Nick and Starr finished first on that leg of the race. The teams now are going to Moscow, Russia and Nick and Starr were the first to depart followed by Toni and Dallas, Ken and Tina and Andrew and Dan. All teams fly to Moscow on the same flight because that’s the only available and earliest flight. They have to travel 2,000 miles and when they arrive they must look for a monastery in Moscow and light a candle to receive their clue. At the airport Starr and Dallas have been caught holding hands, showing how much they like each other. Andrew and Dan forgot their shoes on the last leg and have bought a new pair of shoes in a 24 hrs shop at the airport (which is definitely a waste of their money).

As the teams arrived at Moscow, the teams race to get a taxi and had been disappointed with the strong language barrier and the expensive city transportation. Teams Toni and Dallas and Nick and Starr arrived at the monastery simultaneously and have gotten their next clue. The clue says that they have to look for a certain military based on the outskirts of Moscow. Ken and Tina arrived at the monastery with Andrew and Dan behind. Nick and Starr had difficulty communicating with their driver and have gotten lost on the way because the driver doesn’t know where to go.

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Amazing Race 13 On The Land Of Borat!

Five teams remain in the Amazing Race and they will race in this episode in the beautiful country of Kazakhstan! Check out who had been lucky in the fast forward and who’s run out of luck. We’ll also see the colorful tradition of the country and more flirting on the way.

Being the first team to finish the last four legs of the race, Nick and Starr feels invincible. They are the first pair to leave India to Kazakhstan. Toni and Dallas trail behind them and the two teams almost appear in the international airport at the same time. Toni and Nick talk to a travel agent for the earliest plane ticket while Starr and Dallas are quite flirting at the back. The two pairs travel together in the airport being on the same flight with Ken and Tina who manages to grab the last two seats of the flight to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Terrence and Sarah manages to get a plane ticket on the second flight to Kazakhstan while Andrew and Dan took the latest arriving plane. The 4 teams arrived in the middle of the night and their clue shows them to look for the chicken factory which, unfortunately opens at 7:30 in the morning. The teams camp outside the factory waiting for its opening. Andrew and Dan arrive exactly when the gates of the factory open which is their luck.

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Amazing Race 13 On The Road To India

Its a fascinating travel to Delhi India for the 6 remaining teams of Amazing Race. One pair will start this leg in a 30 minute setback for not following instructions on the last leg of the race. That will Terrence and Sarah. Will they recover or will be eliminated because of this delay? Well, Amazing Race has proven again and again that the result of every race is indeed unpredictable. So let’s journey tonight on their Delhi, India experience.

The first team to depart for India is Nick and Starr, followed closely by Toni and Dallas. Ken and Tina needed to put their differences behind or they won’t be able to continue the lead. Kelly and Christy were having fun. Terrence and Sarah leave, making Andrew and Dan the last team remaining. Dallas and Starr talk about their mutual attraction to each other.

All them teams went to India on the same flight making them on equal footage to one another. When they arrived each of the pair race toward their taxi which will take them to Moonlight Motors. The contestants are not prepared to see that the road was heavily congested and Ken and Tina managed to get lost and had been the last team to arrive on the Road Block challenge.

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Amazing Race 13 – New Zealand Adventure

The Amazing Race teams goes to New Zealand for another taste of bitter sweet adventure. Knowing that the first to arrive at the new pit stop will receive another set of amazing gifts and also knowing that another pair might say goodbye to the rest.

Season 13 has its ups and downs and some conflicts amongst pairs. Here are the questions that need to be answered in this episode: Will Ken and Tina be number one again after their winning streak this past legs of the race? Will Nick & Starr continue with their games and still have conflict with Kelly and Christy? Will Aja and Ty continue their personal conflicts or will focus on winning? Let’s see.

Kelly and Christy confronted Nick and Starr because of their backstabbing attitude. They tried to reconcile with the divorcees but its too late for that. The pairs flew from Bolivia to New Zealand. As they arrived the teams must travel through unmarked cars to Gulf Harbor wherein they are going to untie a big knot to reveal the next clue for the rest.

While traveling to Gulf Harbor the first blown tire casualty of the race was revealed: Aja and Ty. Which slowed them down considerably. Ken and Tina arrived first and they had managed to unravel their knot and revealed their next clue. It contains the seasons first Fast Forward. The challenge is to go to the Auckland Sky Tower and complete a challenge: to climb their way to the top and retrieve a roaming gnome from the flashing red beacon at the highest point, more than 1000 feet up. Ken and Tina took up the challenge and had been treated to a helicopter ride directly to this week’s Pit Stop.

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Amazing Race 13 – The Race Is On, On Bolivia

Amazing Race 13 finished the 3rd leg of the rest last Sunday. Destination of the racers: Bolivia. Some of the pairs think that the others are trying to sabotage them, maybe due to the high altitude of the place or because of the pressure that’s gathering on the race itself. Its a very close race to the pit stop and the last pair to arrive or check in might be eliminated from the race.

The first pair to depart from Fortaleza to La Paz, Bolivia was Ken and Tina. All teams depart through one of the two planes which left at the same time. Bolivia is a high altitude country and because of this the team players had a hard time breathing when they arrived at La Paz.

After arriving on La Paz, the pairs must camp out on the side of the road until morning and wait for the newspaper delivery to arrived.

Their next clue were hidden on the classified ads section of the newspaper. Their next clue pointed them to look for a hat shop. Some of the pairs get stuck on traffic and some had found a local and try to search for the hat shop by walking. When they made their journey to the next clue the reached a detour challenge.

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