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Martin the Philospher get’s Fired by Trump in the Apprentice 6

Well, it’s the 6th season of the Apprentice and to make sure his show is fresh and popular, the Trumpster has set up shop in Los Angeles.

How were the ratings??? The Apprentice crew is back and in fine form, minus Carolyn, but replaced with daughter Ivanka. It will be interesting to see how the ratings go this season. Does America still care enough to watch???

At first gander it seems hokey and special with the L.A. backdrop but once the tent is up and the boardroom is ablaze our show the Apprentice is back in it’s finest form ever!

Yes, it seems they did some polling and found the boardroom should be longer and more cut throat. It was!

Martin the Philosopher was a cartoon character for sure and while he certainly deserved to get fired just for being a nimrod, his project leader wasn’t exactly far from getting the boot himself.

While you could see Donald Trump had some affection for Martin, he also had fun at his expense by pounding on him. Ivanka Trump chipped in as did the project leader from the opposing team (the winner of the challenge). Nice twist with the opposing team’s leader sitting in! (more…)

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America’s Got Talent Finale and Props to Regis

 America’s Got Talent Finale and Props to Regis by Roxanne McDonald

I know I was pretty hard on the show in general, given its tacky middle America pandering and not so successful panning of The Gong Show and other mock games, and I am sorry to say I have to be equally harsh about America’s Got Talent grand finale.

  But if to show respect at least is to write about it, to give it air, okay, then the very writing here should suffice. 

(After all, bad publicity is still publicity and all that….)I like Regis Philbin.  I give him props for being angry and bitter and hateful and getting away with it, expressing it, giving vent, by way of cheesy and acceptable humor.   (more…)

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America’s Got Talent and the Gong Show!

I couldn’t stand The Gong Show when I was growing up and it was on in syndication, and I’m having an equally hard time staying as faithful to America’s Got Talent as I am to umpteen million other reality TV shows I am utterly hooked on. 

America’s Got Talent, though, is apparently another much-needed show by middle America (get the name similarity, which is dubbed for a reason).      

The Gong Show and Star Search hybrid is not as silly, nor is it as savvy (up on and aware of its nature as panning other talent shows) as I would assume.

In fact, yesterday on Reality Remix, they posted the top six episodes of the week (July, 2006) and

America’s Got Talent was Number One, with so many more million viewers than So Think You Can Dance (which took two places) and Rock Star Supernova (which of course took last as there are fewer rockers than bible thumpers in the nation—ugh). (more…)

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