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Big Brother 14 Game Changed

The reset button has changed the game and Big Brother 14 is a whole new adventure!

Big Brother is a lot of fun to watch and talk about with friends!

We’re only a little over 3 weeks into this summer’s season of Big Brother 14 on CBS and they’ve already thrown us a major game changer.

The 4 coaches who were leading Big Brother teams and NOT playing in the game are NOW players.

I guess that’s ok – but I am sure the houseguests don’t like it much.

Coaches Janelle, Britney, Boogie and Dan are no longer just leading their teams but now they’re playing against them. No more teams!

From the standpoint of adding twists and new angles, this could add some tension and fun moments watching the anger impact the game play.

America voted and brought them back in. If they didn’t come back it sounded like they were ready to bring back evicted players. Makes sense as the cast this year was smaller (not including the coaches).

All in all it’s a fun summer so far on Big Brother 14 – but there are a few negatives and I’ll go into those later. For now let’s just focus on having a summer good time with BB14!

Look at some cool BB14 photos at Big Brother on Tumblr – see Team Janelle and coaches of Big Brother 14 as well as other great photos!

See the houseguests uncut on Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. It’s been fun this year!

More on Big Brother at the CBS site.

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I do not care who won Big Brother

OK – so Hayden won. Big deal.

OH NO – summer is over and so is Big Brother!

If Lane or Enzo would have won I would have said the same thing.

I just did not care if any of the BRA-gade (should be brigade, right?) made it to the end.

It’s not that I disliked them – I just found all 3 of them to be boring.

Enzo had some moments being the jackass he was – so at least he had character and was a little unique.

Lane and Hayden had to force the words out and as a result were boring to watch.

Matt – the brains of the brigade was conceited and arrogant – so he was at least fun to see make an ass of himself.

And Britney – while opinionated and mean spirited towards other women-folks, was a breath of fresh air and fun to look at. OK, she was hot! I dug the way she looked and her quirky personality grew on me. (more…)

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Big Brother All Stars Season Finale Recap for Tivo People

Big Brother All Stars Season Finale Recap for Tivo People by Roxanne McDonald

Big Brother All Stars It’s a surprise for those of you who have yet to watch your Tivo’ed Big Brother All Stars finale, so do not read this SPOILER if you want to keep the outcome a secret from yourself.

As you probably know, if you are a big fan of the show, Boogie and Erika, the showmance turned homance, are the final two in the BB House. 

So, first, I would ask for a moment of silence for the past boy-girl flirtations that ended in the girl getting burned.

The finale began with a five-minute recap of significant moments in BB history.  After a shot of Erika and Boogie in formal regalia – Erika in black gown and Mike in derby and matching sport coat – we got a recap of exile island’s last guest: the jury members speculated on who was coming in next, and as he had done before, Marcellas dreaded out loud the arrival of the very person who showed up. 

Though Howie and George, agreeing for once, think it’s Boogie, it is in fact Janelle.  She appears in red gown with tiara and does a presentation pose that puts showroom spokesmodels to shame.

Janelle explains who did what to whom and says Ericka is a “b-i-t-c-h,” eliciting agreement and much discussion.  It is also Janelle who says not to let a floater win, but Danielle, ever the voice of sanity, reminds them that when it is a boy villain he is glamorized but when it’s a girl who’s the villain she is “disgusting”.

Somebody notes how Erika was on the block three times, and though they all had the opportunity to vote her out they didn’t.  Dani reminds them that there are no rules about floating, or cheating, or even about being loyal to oneself.

Will speaks for Boogie (uuhv course), saying that he did what he needed to when he rode coattails, won competitions, etc.. (more…)

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Big Brother All-Stars Ends and Summer is Officially Over!

Big Brother All-Stars Ends and Summer is Officially Over! by Mike Liebner 

Big Brother All Stars has come to a close and in the season finale episode we saw Julie Chen give the big prize to Mike Boogie.

Big Brother All Stars Mike Boogie is the guy with all the restaurants whom was also buddys with the Puppet Master, Dr. Delicious, Will of Chill Town.

Erika not suprisingly was runner up to the strategizing master Boogie and she still claimed a decent prize.

We also saw that America voted to give Janelle $25,000. and she definitely deserved it! In fact I am sure I am not the only one to have wished that Janelle went all the way.

The show itself was a bit on the dry side, as most finale episodes are, but it was a treat to see all the contestants show their faces and gve their impressions of the final two.

Jase and Diane did a Will and Boogie phone conversation rip off and revealed they were Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They apparently had an alliance going into the game. Lot of good it did them! Jase rightly pointed out how Will was the best Big Brother player ever and he certainly is. That is why Mike Boogie is there in the end. (more…)

Comments (1) 2:27 pm |

Big Brother All Stars Janelle Chokes and Boogie Gets Lucky!

Janelle Chokes and Boogie Gets Lucky! by Roxanne McDonald

Big Brother All Stars has given us another twisty surprise on Thursday, September 7, as well as some unexpected sweetness on the part of all three final players.

Big Brother All Stars In the DR, Erika expresses pride for Janelle’s move to evict Will, and is jubilant about being one of the remaining three, saying how “sometimes” she loves this game.

Boogie is of course BUMMED, but he tells the DR cam that the girls did a good job.

He changes his tune and tone, however, once Erika says to him, “checkmate.” Boogie speaks to how the showmance has become a homance and how he has – gruff gruff – used the girls for all the purposes he intended and is done with them and with Erika.

To her face Boogie says, “Smart move, Janelle,” and acknowledges that nobody here could beat Will. He understands, he says, and tells her it “took a lot of guts.” But he is questionably authentic, saying the last compliment with a choked-up throat. (more…)

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The Big Brother 7 All Stars Threesome!

The Big Brother 7 All Stars Threesome! by Mike Liebner

OK, here we are at the end of Summer and the feel good show of the season 2006 is coming to a close.

Big Brother All Stars Big Brother All-Stars has delivered an interesting series with all kinds of twists and turns.  

But Big Brother All-Stars is soon coming to an end.

We now have 3 contetstants battling it out to be the sole survivor, oops, I mean the big brother winner…

We have Chilltown’s Boogie (boy is he shocked his chill buddy Dr. Will got the boot!)


We have Janelle. Props to the gitrl for redeeming herself. She did me proud when she booted Will despite her letting him manipulate her all season long.

Erika. The way I see it Erika really owes Janelle as she could have easily booted her instead of Doctor Delicious.

So now we last saw them as they were doing the Volcano challenge, but Boogie jumped off early (he is still emotional and falsely belives he is the only choice to bring to the final 2). So Janelle got flustered and took her hand off the key, thereby taking herself out. She denied having removed a hand but the tape is proof. When Boogie made his departure she was shocked and let go. (more…)

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Big Brother 7 Chilltown Final 4 All Stars

Big Brother 7 Chilltown Final 4 All Stars by Roxanne McDonald

Big Brother All Stars Will has focused his game all along to make it to these defining moments, though.  

In the Diary Room, he boasts that Janelle listens to him because she is in love with him.

Boogie follows with his own personal statements in the DR, confirming that Will has “done unbelievable work on Janelle.”  As Doctor evil adds, starting with a carnival game metaphor, “I had my ducks lined up in a row ….”  

Boogie follows with his own personal statements in the DR, confirming that Will has “done unbelievable work on Janelle.”  As Doctor evil adds, starting with a carnival game metaphor, “I had my ducks lined up in a row ….”  Delicious Doctor Will says he was prepared for the worst, but because of the work he has put in Chilltown has been able to dodge a bullet.  Or a bee-bee?

The psycho boys’ return to the simulated phone call, with Boogie ringing up Will, Will saying he doesn’t have the time and that his thumb hurts and asking what the bottom line is, with Boogie saying the bottom line is that they are in the final four: AHHH HAHAHA caps the moment. (more…)

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BB7 Allstars should be called Big Brother Extreme

BB7 Allstars should be called Big Brother Extreme by Roxanne McDonald

Big Brother All Stars We may as well start calling Big Brother 7 Big Brother Extreme.    

In Thursday nights episode the cutthroat gaming REALLY begins.

After select recap scenes from Tuesday’s episode, Julie Chen announces they are going to play a full week of games in one hour. 

(Why the need to speed up already intense procedures?  Why so hasty?  Getting squeezed out by incoming football season?)

Anyway, good ol’ cheery Chicken George is in the DR, “thinkin’ it will be the week” they throw him out, he jokingly says.  He adds that Julie says there will be chicken and beer waiting for him if that’s the case.  Remember, he has been on slop for most of the time he has been in the house. (more…)

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BB7 Chilltown All Stars have the Ultimate Power

BB7 Chilltown All Stars have the Ultimate Power by Mike Liebner

Big Brother All Stars It’s about time that I chime in and give my thoughts on this Summer’s hottest TV show Big Brother All Stars.   

I must admit there were a few weeks where I was uncomfortable with the season 6 alliance of Howie, Kaysar, Janelle and James and how they did NOT go after Will and Boogie.

At that point I would say that I despised those 2 guys (Chilltown).

But as things have turned in the game and have removed my favorite All Stars (Jase, James and Kaysar), I must say that I now have a new found respect for Will and Boogie.

I mean how are these guys pulling it off? Despite everyone knowing that they were a team aka dynamic duo, how could the all stars let them stay in the game? It just amazes me. (more…)

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Big Brother All Stars Danielle is going down!

BB7 Danielle is Going Down by Roxanne McDonald    

Big Brother All Stars

Big Brother fans and aficionados knew it was coming, but we didn’t anticipate it would come from the source it did.      

The Tuesday, August 29, 2006 episode of BB7 has brought Danielle down. 

Will nudges Janelle to talk to Erika.

Janelle tells Erika she won’t go after her (Erika) next week:

Erika: Hmmm.  I think I’ll take that deal.

Janelle: I think she believed me.

The final six haven’t even played out the PoV competition and already they are scheming and negotiating (and banking on the fact that Janelle, on the block with Georgie, will win the PoV).  (more…)

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