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I’m Bored To Death

I’m bored to death with what is on TV these days. It gets especially bad during the holidays when it seems that some big red rerun button is pushed or the Fall Season ends and new episodes stop showing.

Do the Neilson ratings even matter anymore? I mean why should there be certain periods of time such as sweeps when there is too much good stuff on and other times when you can’t even find a decent new show to watch.

I hate to rant about how tv sucks because I like watching television so much – but hey – face it – the way they force feed us what they want when they want SUCKS!

Some day soon we won’t have to put up with the way networks schedule their shows. I imagine a time when they will release product much like they do DVD’s or albums.

Sure, there will always be some kind of seasonality – I realize that – but there needs to be less of the force feeding we must endure from those who have power over what we watch.

And there is another disturbing trend that really rubs me the wrong way. The mini-series effect.

I mean – hey – they just don’t give us full seasons of shows anymore, do they? (more…)

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