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Magic City is Cancelled by Starz

Magic City just recently aired it’s 8th and final episode of it’s 2nd season on Starz. It turns out it will be the last episode ever because Starz has cancelled Magic City.

It’s hard to imagine Starz becomming an actual player in original programming as they also cancelled the acclaimed “Boss” with Kelsey Grammer after just 2 season.

It’s bad enough they only show 8 episodes, which is more like a mini series than a real tv show series, but they pull shows that are getting Emmy nominations and great buzz.

I was really rooting for Starz, but now each time I watch any new programming on them I have to wonder if my new favorite show will come back.

The former “movie only network” that originally brought us theatrical movies was doing an impressive job bringing us new original series like Crash, Head Case and Party Down but the only problem is they abandoned the shows just like they are now cancelling Magic City.

If I were a producer of a tv series I would do everything possible NOT to sign with Starz as they never seem to go beyond the 1 or 2 season mark. At least on Cinemax, Showtime and HBO you have a chance of getting a series developed more than a season or two.

So – I bid farewell to one of the best shows ever on TV – Magic City (along with Crash and Boss) and only hope there is a way for the producers to take this high quality franchise somewhere so that we can see what happens with Ben Diamond after the short second season finale left us hanging. (more…)

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