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Banshee is Best Show On TV

OK – the first season of Banshee on Cinemax just ended, so techinically it WAS the best show on tv! Banshee is a show about the sick twisted underside of things we all do our best to keep out of our lives. It’s fun to watch!


Banshee Season 1 Finale Trailer

Man – I have to admit – I didn’t expect I would like this show as much as I did. I did immediately connect with it from the first episode a few months ago, and it became one of my favorites on tv.

It quickly turned into my favorite guilty pleasure.

There are not many tv shows I feel the need to watch as soon as they come out – but Banshee is certainly one of them.

It was a short season – and the season finale last night March 15th, 2o13 was a great way to end it.

Fortunately they showed a tease of it coming back in 2014.

I hope they do more episodes – but it seems like premium channel original programming in general doesn’t like to do more than a handful of episodes each “season” (more like annually).

Too bad – this show should be on at least for 2 seasons and have a good 11 episode run twice a year.

Well, that’s what we’d be doing if I were a tv executive.

So – what was so great about Banshee on Cinemax?

Well – compared to conventional network tv it thrived on the freedom to push things to the limit.

The story was always compelling and the characters were always interesting but what was especially appealing was taking action sequences and fight scenes for example to their most outrageous conclusion.

Combine that with the odd out of place contradictions like the Amish factor vs the Russian Mob and you have some pretty diverse themes going on.

The bottom line however is that the people behind producing Banshee are the reason this show worked.

It just clicked.

It clicked because they had a great vision and translated it into the best they could do.

It had flavor and substance but wasn’t afraid to be outrageous.

Too often network tv shows suffer from what feels like constraints.

The Following for example is a pretty good tv show – but after watching a show like Banshee it just doesn’t have that oomph. Watching the Following is just not as satisfying.

Yes you could say it just is not as good of a tv show – and that is true – but me – I feel like something about it is wrong or missing in The Following – and I think what is missing most is the passion that went into the making of a show like Banshee.

If you missed it – try to catch Banshee on DVD or however they release it. I realize a lot of people do not have Cinemax and it is worth having, but surely it will end up in other places.

So – if you see an opportunity to catch season one of Banshee I say go for it! If you are like me you will love it!

**** Then again – I am the guy that loved the Crank movies – so consider that…

Watch these Banshee Videos:

Banshee on Cinemax – selection of videos

Banshee Town of Secrets – featurette with David Schickler and Jonathan Tropper, the co-creators of Banshee

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