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Knights of Prosperity Cancelled???

Geez, the Knights of Prosperity on ABC is Cancelled??? by Mike Liebner

Well, I can’t say that I am suprised that The Knights of Prosperity on ABC has been cancelled. I’m not suprised because the show was bad, but because ABC had been playing games with it for months now.

They’ve been taking it off the schedule at a moments notice and it’d reappear as soon as it’d disappear. How can you build an audience when you keep taking it away from where followers would expect to find it? Now it’s gone…

Fortunately though it seems the other half hour in Knights of Prosperity’s hour long comedy block “In Case of Emergency” is still on the ABC schedule (a great show!). But it seems it’s official now and the Knights of Prosperity show has been axed. Zap2it says remaining episodes may air eventually, but I am not holding my breath as the same thing happened with ABC’s Daybreak (another great show that deserved airtime).

Daybreak too had unaired episodes when it was cancelled early on and those have not been shown. What a waste and what an insult to the viewers and fans of these shows.

What is so crazy about yanking Knights of Prosperity is that they are replacing the half hour with repeats of “According to Jim”. What an insult… Is there some exit clause in their contract with the producers of Knights of Prosperity that will allow them to save a few thousand bucks if they don’t air the remaining episodes they already have in the can???

Why is that TV Networks and increasingly ABC do not understand that in business the goal is to develop a following. Put out a good product and earn the trust of your customers.

Network TV seems to be stuck in the stone age when Neilson sweeps actually meant something. Nowadays the sweeps are as outdated as Mannix. TV Networks charge inflated rates for prime time ad slots and then end up sticking you on repeats of “According to Jim” or “George Lopez”. That’s bogus and bad business – for the veiwers and the advertisers paying those inflated sweeps ad rates. I hope some of the advertisers start speaking up on this! It’s a crime.

Network and Cable TV Networks run the risk of becoming a dinosaur unless they catch up and follow what people want. The same people engrossed in Youtube and other emerging video sites. ABC is making it too easy for fans of cancelled shows to go to their computers to look for entertainment… (more…)

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Day Break on ABC is Dumped it Appears

I’m really getting fed up with TV networks and their sneaky little tactics.

Yet another great new show has fallen to the wayside and in this case ABC hasn’t even mentioned the cancellation of Day Break with Taye Diggs on their web site.

Finally after scouring the web I find an article with info on the show and it’s apparent demise.

For weeks I have been seeking info… when will it return and it’s depressing how I now find out that ABC has cancelled Day Break yet still has un aired episodes it has no intention of showing (at least not on tv).

While it has been speculated the un-aired episdoes of Day Break will be “aired” online, ABC has no info about this on their site.

So, I’ll just close this rant by saying that network TV has hit an all new low. It seems each season shows are getting axed earlier than ever.

Whatever happened to allowing a show to gain it’s audience???

If anything, this kind of executive game playing may just be hurting the networks more than helping them.

If they want to be more than simply online download shops they should pay a olittle more attention to nurturing well received shows like Day Break. The payoff can be good as proven by floundering shows that became huge hits (Seinfeld for example).

I hope they do air the 9 remaining episodes of Day Break, but I will not hold my breath as my faith in ABC and the big networks is at an all time low.

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Daybreak – streaming free on the ABC Web Site!

Daybreak Is One Day I can See Over and Over Again

by Mike Liebner

I must admit I am still miffed at why ABC has shut down Lost for a few months and replaced it’s time slot with Daybreak starring Taye Diggs.

Lost is perhaps my favorite tv show and it seems that it had only just begun and boom – they take it off the air.

Well, since we all watch our tv shows on Tivo now (do you?) the time a series airs should have little if any impact on whether we will watch it or not. The determining factor is if we find out about a show in time to start watching it from the beginning. This is especially important for series that have continue story lines as it is much harder to jump in mid season to a show that already has a history behind it.

Daybreak has been pimped since the beginning of the Fall tv season and I must admit from the moment I had seen the commercials/trailers I knew I wanted to see this show. Since Tivo is generally only 14 days forward with schedules I only made a mental note of the show.

When Lost concluded with it’s Fall Finale (man that is so stupid – a Fall finale – give me a break) and the spot ran for Daybreak I went into Tivo and set it to record the debut episode.

Generally I will watch a show before adding a season pass to record all of it’s episodes. If the show sucks I simply do not watch it again. Sometimes I’ll give a show a second shot and try an additional episode (like Men In Trees which I ended up removing from the Tivo season pass).

Well, I watched the premiere episode of Daybreak and I was blown away! It handled all the possible plot problems and showed me how it was a viable concept that could sustain our interest week after week. (more…)

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