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Comcast DVR’s vs Directv Recorders

Well, I must say I do miss my Directv!

I recently moved from my house in Laguna Beach and am now staying with family for a few months until I find my place. I put all my stuff in storage but did bring my TV and am set up with Comcast xFinity and my own DVR.

While I have had experience with Comcast in the past on my visits to family, now I am switched over from my beloved Directv DVR’s (three of them – 1 was a Tivo)

Sure, it’s great to get HD TV and be able to record my shows, but there are a few quirks that make it harder to embrace Comcast Xfinity.

The first thing that is hard to deal with is the programming does not go out 14 days like Directv and Tivo did on my old DVR’s. I am lucky to get 7 days although they say 10 days is their max. I don’t know about that. When the DVR was brand new it was filled with TO BE ANNOUNCED and even now 3 weeks later I still get way too many TBA’s which makes it hard to schedule ahead and set up new series to be recorded.

I also have quickly filled up my DVR to 80 % and I haven’t even tried. There may be a DVR with greater capacity but this is really cramping my style.

Now the one thing that does make Xfinity shine in comparison to Directv is their ON DEMAND.

While Directv does have On Demand which I was able to get through the internet connection – the Xfinity On Demand is fast and immediate. They also have a larger stash of “archived” programming.

In fact if it weren’t for their large library of archived on demand shows and movies it would be difficult to watch everything I wanted. But instead of recording I can find most of them in the On Demand section – even from the premium channels.

Now – Directv has MANY MORE HD channels than Xfinity.

However – I have been bummed out to find that some shows on the Xfinity On Demand do not let you fast forward or only allow 2 speed slow fast forward and some play commercials.

So what ratings do I give each one?

Directv 4.5 stars out of 5 (it could be improved)

Comcast Xfinity 4 out of 5 stars (lots could be improved)

Either way – you must have either of these services along with DVR’s if you are to enjoy watching tv the way that you want it in this modern age. There simply is no place in my life fr having to be somewhere at a certain time to watch a tv show. I want to watch it when I want to!

Get a DVR and watch the HD programming! It’s the best way to watch TV.


Comast Xfinity DVR – videos about them

Directv HD Channels – there are more of them


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Do you love to watch Network TV Show Series?

If you love to watch a good network tv show series as much as I do – you’ll enjoy the article I just wrote on TV Shows and the New Paradigm of watching the way we want to!

There is no question that tv is being made as good as it ever was. The production value of many network shows rivals that of big budget motion pictures!

You can’t help but dig that!

Do you watch tv live?

Wouldn’t you rather timeshift?

I have some friends who are reluctant to start recording shows on DVR’s and watching the way they want them.

They seem to think it’s ok to be slaves to the networks and change their schedules or perhaps miss shows.

I can’t say they’re crazy because I know a lot of people don’t take recording from satellite tv or downloading tv shows as seriously as I do BUT I do know that if they would give in and experience the freedom that DVR’s and Downloading of TV Shows offers us – they’d never sit through a bad block of tv commercials again!

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It’s Time for Directv and Echostar to Merge

This time is right for Directv and Echostar (Dish Network) to merge. Rumors about a possible upcoming merger between the two have begun to circulate recently. I hope it happens this time. They tried it four years ago but were rejected by the FCC, whose members felt that a merger would violate antitrust laws.

However, their primary competition is no longer each other but the cable and phone companies, which have more advantages.

Right now, satellite operators cannot provide competitive broadband, video-on-demand, and VoIP on their own the way the cable and phone companies can. (more…)

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