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Do you love to watch Network TV Show Series?

If you love to watch a good network tv show series as much as I do – you’ll enjoy the article I just wrote on TV Shows and the New Paradigm of watching the way we want to!

There is no question that tv is being made as good as it ever was. The production value of many network shows rivals that of big budget motion pictures!

You can’t help but dig that!

Do you watch tv live?

Wouldn’t you rather timeshift?

I have some friends who are reluctant to start recording shows on DVR’s and watching the way they want them.

They seem to think it’s ok to be slaves to the networks and change their schedules or perhaps miss shows.

I can’t say they’re crazy because I know a lot of people don’t take recording from satellite tv or downloading tv shows as seriously as I do BUT I do know that if they would give in and experience the freedom that DVR’s and Downloading of TV Shows offers us – they’d never sit through a bad block of tv commercials again!

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Bristol Palin – winner of Dancing with the Stars?

Uhh… You mean that Bristol Palin – she could be the winner of Dancing with the Stars? Oh my lordy! What is going on with this world!

I don’t mean to be disresepectful but she’s kind of chubby and dances like a muppet. (I did mean that!)

I only see her as being a oddity and curiousity figure for viewers. I hope she is not credited as an ultimate victor and put on a pedestal with other Dancing Iwth The Stars winners. And c’mon – she’s not even a star… (more…)

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The Apple iPad Sucks (still!)

Sorry, but the Apple iPad sucks (still) – especially apparent after watching this video clip from InfoMania on Current TV!

Ipad Flash Infomania

Apple sucks once again and is planning world domination again… This time they want to take Adobe Flash away from us…

Man, I still can’t believe iPad won’t support Flash…

That’s insane.

Jobs claims battery life using flash would be 1 hour of use versus non-flash 10 jours per battery…. uhhhh… ok. I beleive you Steve Jobs.

Jobs – flash will murder the ipad – really now lets be realistic

Can we not just all be SHEEP and let Apple know they can’t force this stuff down our throats.

Almost all web sites use FLASH to show video content (I do!) – that means you can’t see thevideos on the web pages UNLESS the sites change to a format Apple approves of (most likely their own I bet) (more…)

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Watch and Download TV Shows for Free!

Wow! TV has sure come a long way! You can now watch and download almost all of the network tv shows for free! It’s amazing!

Download TV Shows – Watch them online – you now have a world of cool options available from your computer screen!

The other day I missed an episode and I quickly did a search on Google and found the show! I wacthed it on my computer and was ready to catch the rest of the season on regular tv! How’s that for cool!

In the old days if you missed a season premiere you’d be stuck having friends fill you in on the episode. Now all you do is go download the missed episode or watch it online!

All the networks have shows online to watch for free!

Missed an episode of Desperate Housewives???

No problem – watch it online and you can even download some recipes from the gals on the show! (more…)

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Full Episode Free TV Show Downloads are Abundant

Are you looking for current free tv show downloads? You are in luck my friend! 

Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock, LOST, Ugly Betty, Six Degrees, the Nine, Kidnapped, Twenty Good Years, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, CSI, Shark, Jericho and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip are among the current TV Shows that are available to download for free!

Not simply clips from the tv shows but full episodes as downloads for free!

CBS, NBC and ABC and others are getting hip to the demand for downloads!

Also, cable and PBS shows are now showing up as well for free!

It seems like the TV Networks are finally getting it! The internet can help publicize their shows and get loyalty for them when they offer episodes as free tv downloads online!

It makes sense really… fans develop as they get familiar with shows and characters… what better way to increase veiwership than to get someone hooked on a new tv show?

That’s why we created a list of sources for full episodes of tv shows that you can download >>> (more…)

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Its So Easy to Download Your Favourite TV Shows

Its So Easy to Download Your Favourite TV Shows by Lyn Leckie

We all have our favourite Tv shows dont we I have found an amazing program where you can download all your favourite tv shows both past and present also most of the old time favourites are available for downloading.

You can also download all your favourite sporting events and music and movie downloads.

One of the most frequently asked questions is about how long does it take to download a movie and it can be easily answered. On an average, on a 56.6 Kbps dial-up modem, a 100 to 120 minute movie would take about the same time to download as any other 700-800 MB file.

The time taken is directly proportional to the length and the file size of the track you are downloading. With a cable/DSL or any other broadband connection, it should take relatively lesser time. This is purely dependent on your internet connectivity, since different Internet Service Providers (ISP) offer different speeds. The download will be much faster if the internet traffic at that point of time is low. (more…)

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TV Downloads World Leader is UK

I was cruising along checking out one of my favorite sites when I ran across a post that suggested the United Kingdom led the world in TV Downloads, at least so far as “tv piracy” downloads are concerened.

Australia came in at # 2 with the United States coming in 3rd.

Upon further investigation a story at the UK site Guardian Unlimited, an article explained more about the UK and TV downloads.

But the writing may be on the wall for TiVo-like devices because of what David Price, a researcher with Envisional of Cambridge, calls the free global TiVo on the internet. He is referring to the dramatic upsurge in downloading films and TV shows through peer-to-peer sharing facilities on the web. The biggest of these, BitTorrent, is reckoned (by CacheLogic, another Cambridge company), to account for over a third of all data carried on the net (of which 10% is TV piracy).

New Envisional figures about to be released show Britain leads the world in piracy. We are responsible for 38.4% of TV downloads in the EU and 18.5% worldwide. Australia is second with 15.6% and the US a poor third on 7.3%. The reason is simple. The pirated programmes are mainly made in English by US companies and released earlier there than here. Top of the piracy charts is 24 (95,000 downloads an episode) followed by Star Trek: Enterprise (90,000).

Full article on TV Downloading

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