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DVD Burner Software

Tips on selecting DVD burner software: versions and operating systems

The DVD, or Digital Versatile Disc, is a disc platter on which data may be stored. Any digital data may be stored on a DVD, whether the data is a document, an image, digital music, or a digital movie. The DVD is notable for the amount of data that can be stored on the disk, with capacities of 4.7 and 8.54 gigabytes, for single-sided, single-layer disks, and 9.4, or 7.08 gigabytes for the double-sided, double-layer type. The disk is substantially a polycarbonate, a plastic. The material on which the data is recorded is generally aluminum. (more…)

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Do you love to watch Network TV Show Series?

If you love to watch a good network tv show series as much as I do – you’ll enjoy the article I just wrote on TV Shows and the New Paradigm of watching the way we want to!

There is no question that tv is being made as good as it ever was. The production value of many network shows rivals that of big budget motion pictures!

You can’t help but dig that!

Do you watch tv live?

Wouldn’t you rather timeshift?

I have some friends who are reluctant to start recording shows on DVR’s and watching the way they want them.

They seem to think it’s ok to be slaves to the networks and change their schedules or perhaps miss shows.

I can’t say they’re crazy because I know a lot of people don’t take recording from satellite tv or downloading tv shows as seriously as I do BUT I do know that if they would give in and experience the freedom that DVR’s and Downloading of TV Shows offers us – they’d never sit through a bad block of tv commercials again!

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