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There is some great stuff on tv now!

Southland and The Americans.

by Mike Liebner

I have to say that it is a very rich time for watching tv shows!

When I say rich I mean there have been some stellar programs delivering some of the best I’ve seen on tv in a long time. The quality level just keeps going up as more networks and channels are bringing us original programming.

Recently for example I have been digging a few really good shows, one of which just totally blew me away with perhaps the most powerful episode I have ever seen – Southland.

Oh man… the other night as I was watching Southland I was actually feeling the pain of being there as I watched 2 of the Los Angeles police officers being kidnapped, tortured and killed by crack heads.

I can’t say I have ever seen anything this gripping on tv before.

Southland has been around a few years and somehow keeps getting better. It was moved to TNT which thankfully has kept improving it and the show is a total mind blower.

It’s close to the end of it’s season I believe so we’ll soon lose it until it comes back (it better!).

Another show that is top quality and right up there with Southland as far as originality and perfection in delivery, is The Americans on FX Network.

In fact they have had some pretty hairy scenes too that have so much impact you almost jump out of your seat.

And the violence while extreme is not gratuitous. It is part of the story and makes the message have max impact.

So – that’s all for now. Just wanted to point out how there is some really great stuff on tv right now!

Watch these videos:

Southland TNT

The Americans Trailers



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