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Do you like Girls as much as I do?

Girls, the tv show is a very special program.

Lena Dunham and Allision Williams and the rest of the cast are doing a stellar job of showing what life is like for young people growing up in the big city.

Sure it is slightly reminiscent of Sex In The City at times, but has a gritty flavor that is so much different. I love it!

Here are some videos you should watch about Girls

More videos about Girls on HBO

Allison Williams with Craig Fergusan

Lena Dunham and Allison Williams

Got health?

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I Like Girls!

OK – so I may be a little late on the scene – but I just binge watched the HBO mini series Girls and got all caught up in 3 nights!

Does that qualify as binge watching?

Lena Dunham Is Not A Flirty Texter - CONAN on TBS

In any event, I watched 3 episodes each of Girls on the 1st 2 nights and finished off the last 4 episodes on the 3rd night.

Unfortunately there were only 10 episodes of Girls on HBO.

When you consider that each episode was around 26 minutes that made for a whopping 260 minutes or 3 hours and 20 minutes.

I want more! Yes I know a 2nd season is coming soon, but geez – I hope it is for more than a wimpy 10 episodes!

So – I really did enjoy this series but I have so many questions. BUT for some of them I need to remind myself this is a make believe tv show.

It may be based on real life characters and experiences, but these guys are great writers weaving an original story for each show¬†– so why ask something like “Why would Shoshana do ___”?.

It’s not real life…. but who is this Lena?

Where did Lena Dunham come from? How did she get this series and how did she manage to work with Judd Apatow and get director, writer, executive producer credits and so on?

Lena Dunham on Chelsea Lately TV Show – gain insight.

Obviously it was a good call because Girls on HBO is original and unique and lots of fun to watch.

It amazed me how Lena’s character Hannah was such a frumpy out of shape girl and went so against the grain of typical sex in the city type shows where the stars are so perfect and beautiful.

But it did work.

It also was hard to not shout at the screen on a few occasions where she was acting so irrationally and did such stupid things. Especially in the last few episodes. I was not wanting things to fall apart the way they did – but then again – that tension made for some good dramatic tv.

The cast was really good. Cute girls. Quirky. Fun. Real.

They were all stars on the screen and the relationships building and crumbling were fun to watch.

However when it came to the end I must say it was a disappointment to have the last frame of the 10th episode be a shot of Lena eating wedding cake in the sand.

She fell asleep on the subway and apparently had her purse stolen and she was just totally out of it. I find it hard to believe someone could be that lost mentally – but hey – it’s not tv – it’s HBO!

I guess that’s just the direction her writing took. Blame that on Judd Apatow maybe, like the shower scene with Hannah’s parents (the old people and sexy in the shower nudity still haunts me!).

But all in all I must say Girls really delivered and I can’t wait for the next season on HBO.

Lena Dunam – flirty texter?

Girls Season 2 Preview – what’s coming up in the 2nd season of Girls

Judd Apatow talks about Lena Dunham and Girls

Girls Season 2 Trailer – season starts Jan. 13, 2013



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HBO Luck runs out for Milch and Mann

HBO show Luck was filming season 2 – yet it has been cancelled. Tragic.

I was truly disappointed when the news broke about the 3rd horse death and the cancellation of Luck. It got a lot of press but every mention was short on details. This interview revealed a lot of what I was wondering about.

The one thing I don’t understand and is cause for speculation about the show having low ratings or being ready for cancellation anyways – was the fact that this show could have continued with less of an emphassis on the horses racing.

Sure – I appreciated the horses and that footage was awesome – but for me it was more about the characters. So many of them were weaved in and out of the story and as we are waiting for the season finale (epsiode 9) it is saddening we’ll never have a chance to see them fully developed.

If the horses were less up front – the show could have been just as good. You really should continue with this project as it was just starting to be incredible and one of the best shows on tv.

Read more of the the real story why Luck has been cancelled from Michael Man and David Milch

I hope by some miracle that Luck on HBO comes back for season 2.

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