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Survivor Philippines Finale Did Not Disappoint!

Sunday was a big tv night for me as 2 of my favorite tv shows were showing the final episodes of the season.

Homeland was ending the season with a 1 hour episode on Showtime and Survivor Philippines was dropping 3 hours total for the final episode and “Survivor Reunion Show”.

Fortunately because of DVR’s I could watch the whole 4 hours in one night – thanks in part to being able to fast forward through commercials on CBS.

Well, Homeland was great, but I’ll write about the elsewhere and I am pleased to say that Survivor Philippines and the reunion show was a great tv experience!

I enjoyed the final episode of Survivor Philippines as I watched Malcomn Freberg fall apart and lose the most important immunity challenge of them all, and get voted out at the final tribal council.

I must say I was rooting for Malcolm, but it was just as fun to see Denise outwit him and end up in the final three!

And it was really fun to watch the jury grill Denise Stapley, Michael Skupin and Lisa Whelchel.

jeff probst announces the winner Jeff Probst Announces the winner of Survivor!

Man – it was intense. So many bitter castaways!

I don’t think there was any doubt in my mind it would be Denise who won in the end and it was a nice experience.

I did expect Malcolm to win the fan favorite though and was surprised to see Lisa win the 100,000 bucks.

Speaking of Lisa, boy she cleans up real good and looked much better with makeup! She looked pretty ragged in the show but was quite attractive in the reunion show!

So – as a season of Survivor comes to a close it’s off to celebrate the holidays. Soon enough though we’ll have a brand new Survivor in 2013.

One of the notable things is that the crazy Brazillian girl Abi still doesn’t get it how evil and mean she is. She says she learned something but I got the feeling she was just trying to save her image a little by pretending she would change. I feel sorry for any guy that ends up marrying that crazed woman! It won’t be a fun marraige for sure!

Oh well – who am I to give relationship advice – that should be left to Denise, the winner of Survivor!

Survivor Philippines The Surprise Kiss
Survivor Philippines The Surprise Kiss

Jeff Probst got a surprise kiss from Dawson!

One of my favorite tv shows, Survivor keeps delivering the goods and keeps it fun to watch reality tv!

Watch Ab-Maria on TV talking about Survivor.

More on Survivor at the official CBS Survivor page

The absolute best site to read about Survivor is Sir Linksalot Survivor Philippines Links

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