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Living With Ed on HGTV

Living with Ed premieres on HGTV.

Well, I must admit it – I never expected to be tuning in to HGTV, much less to watch a reality tv show starring Ed Begley Jr. But I did and I must say it was more enjoyable than expected.

As you may or may not know, Ed’s claim to fame was as Victor Ehrlich in the old hit tv show St.Elsewhere, of which I was a big fan.

Since then Ed has made a lot of appearances on other shows most notably Arrested Development and Six Feet Under. He has also appeared in a few high profile movies including Best In Show.

Current day, Ed Begley Jr. has become known for his quirky adoption and promotion of green type living practices, with his home as a role model with solar powered everything.

First off I must say that Ed and his wife Rachelle Carson live in Studio City, California and that just a few years ago I too lived in “the Valley” in neighboring Sherman Oaks. I had seen Ed and his family in the hood on more than a few occasions. In fact I saw him at Fashion Square Mall a few times in the food court. So when I saw there was a reality tv show with Ed I took up an interest and decided to watch.

Tivo snagged the first episode of Living With Ed for me and I must admit I have since added a season pass for it. It’s pretty good, although not as exciting as Survivor, but hey, it’s a quick fun show to watch. So far at least. (more…)

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