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Lost on ABC

What Happened on the Lost Finale?

It’s the morning after the big night of the Lost tv show finale.

I have to say, this is hard to admit, but last night’s Lost TV Finale last episode had a huge impact on me. It’s like I now have Lost engrained in my brain whether I want to or not. My brain activity is going nuts and all I can think about are bits and pieces that are coming to me now about what happened on Lost last night.

I am wondering what did it all mean and what was the ending trying to say and does that mean THIS and THAT and oh my gollee… I can’t stop!

Apparently I am not the only one because when I turned on my notebook this morning and I saw the “Google Hot Trends” keywords that people are searching for – I noticed I am not the only one with LOST on my mind.

9 out of the top 20 were searches for lost keywords and 1 additional on purgatory – most likely that one was because of Lost.

3. lost finale explanation
4. lost alternate endings
7. jimmy kimmel lost q and a
8. lost series finale theories
10. lost explained
11. lost review
14. lost answers
15. lost wiki
17. lost blog
19. purgatory

I don’t think I have ever had a tv show that provoked this much thought. During the regular season and now becuase of the massive Lost TV I absorbed last night.

I mean hey – think about it… They started with that 2 hour retrospective where they went back to the beginning and explained what had happened along the way towards the end and included some thoughts from cast members and producers (why don’t we ever see JJ Abrahams talking about it by the way???).

Then after those 2 hours I was thrust into the final episode which ran 2 1/2 hours long… 150 more minutes as we watched Lost draw near to it’s final conclusion.

Now – aside from the show being great last night and the ending being satisfying – face it – 4 and 1/2 hours on any topic and your head will be buzzing. But add to that how much of an impact this kind of even has on those of us who are deeply connected to the show and the characters.

Now – I could have gone on and watched the Jimmy Kimmel show where they revealed the alternate endings (three of them?) but I was just too LOST-out… I watched the news which had MORE Lost cast members interviewed and then went to bed thoroughly exhausted and mentally beaten up. (more…)

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Sawyer’s Nickname Generator – Lost on ABC TV

Oh – yes – LOST on ABC!

It’s great this season! I really dig the show! It’s as good as ever!

Have you seen Sawyer’s Nickname Generator ? Sawyer is the guy on Lost on ABC TV that is always referring to people by funny nicknames. He’ll call Kate “Freckles” for example…

I just ran into this – it’s pretty cool!

If you are a fan of LOST you should get a kick out of this!

I also just watched the Lost trailer for tonight’s episode and it’s funny – they had Sawyer saying to Kate “Shut up and stop asking questions” – boy – is that classic Sawyer (Mr. LaFleur) or what??? I laughed out loud!

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Lost on ABC. I’m Lost – but who isn’t?

Lost on ABC. I’m Lost – but who isn’t? by Mike Liebner

The 2 hour season finale of Lost was crammed full of… something.

OK, despite Lost on ABC making us ask more questions than it gives answers to – I must say I have been pretty enthralled this season.

But now it’s all gone away as the 2 hour season finale came and went like a dynamo.

At first – I must admit – I simply deleted the show from Tivo – even though I was confused at the ending. The season finale was just too jumbled and covered too much.

I was confused and instead of thinking about it – I just deleted it and moved on. I was disappointed.

But the next day I started thinking about what happened. I tried to remember who died and who may not have died and why they died and why they ended on the flash forward of Jack and Kate – apparently rescued and in a future tiome and place – not together. (more…)

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Daybreak – streaming free on the ABC Web Site!

Daybreak Is One Day I can See Over and Over Again

by Mike Liebner

I must admit I am still miffed at why ABC has shut down Lost for a few months and replaced it’s time slot with Daybreak starring Taye Diggs.

Lost is perhaps my favorite tv show and it seems that it had only just begun and boom – they take it off the air.

Well, since we all watch our tv shows on Tivo now (do you?) the time a series airs should have little if any impact on whether we will watch it or not. The determining factor is if we find out about a show in time to start watching it from the beginning. This is especially important for series that have continue story lines as it is much harder to jump in mid season to a show that already has a history behind it.

Daybreak has been pimped since the beginning of the Fall tv season and I must admit from the moment I had seen the commercials/trailers I knew I wanted to see this show. Since Tivo is generally only 14 days forward with schedules I only made a mental note of the show.

When Lost concluded with it’s Fall Finale (man that is so stupid – a Fall finale – give me a break) and the spot ran for Daybreak I went into Tivo and set it to record the debut episode.

Generally I will watch a show before adding a season pass to record all of it’s episodes. If the show sucks I simply do not watch it again. Sometimes I’ll give a show a second shot and try an additional episode (like Men In Trees which I ended up removing from the Tivo season pass).

Well, I watched the premiere episode of Daybreak and I was blown away! It handled all the possible plot problems and showed me how it was a viable concept that could sustain our interest week after week. (more…)

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