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Ann Heche Sparkles in Men In Trees Season Premiere

Men In Trees – Season Premiere Episode by Mike Liebner

Ann Heche of Ellen Degeneres lesbian love affair fame now has her own tv series.  

I must admit my first thought when I saw she was the star of Men In Trees was that I thought she was washed up career wise and that it was a bold move for a network to get behind a show with her at the helm.

I guess you could have said the same thing about Ellen who is now kicking butt with her talk show. But Ann Heche never did score big. Her movies were pretty much flops as far as I am aware.

Despite the low expectations I must admit that after seeing a few commercials and maybe even one of those Fall TV Show previews, I decided to set Tivo to sang Men In Trees and I just watched it last night.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised and liked it. She has a certain warmth and charm that lends itself to the character she is portaying. Ann Heche is playing a “relationship coach” who found her boyfriend fiancé cheating on her with their friend and while on a speaking engagement trip to Alaska she comes to the conclusion that she is staying there in Alaska.

You see there are 10 men for every woman in Alaska and makes for some funny situations. And seeing that the women are the men up there, it makes for more interesting dramedy scenes. (more…)

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