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Hey – On the Lot – Are you kidding me???

Hey – On the Lot – Are you kidding me??? Rant by Mike Liebner

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket On The Lot is NOT HOT!    

I mean come on! This amateurish variety/reality tv show is about filmmakers producing material and being judged and criticized.

It really should not suck – but it DOES! BIG TIME! 

From the first episode to the most recent, ON THE LOT looks like it was produced by the rejected “directors” who did not make the cut! The ejected amateur directors certainly could have done better than this train wreck of a primetime tv show.

Come on – Steven Spielberg – Mark Burnett – were either of you anywhere near the show to give a nod of approval??? Have your “assistants” or “PA’s” even previewed the episodes before they aired to make sure your levels of quality had been attained? I do not think so!

Let me get this out of the way – I went to Cal State to study film and tv and was a Radio TV Major and got my B.A. degree. I made films and learned from some of the best people in entertainment. I may not be producing tv shows as a professional, but I still know enough about the industry to say this show has been neglected in so many many ways production and writing wise.

On the Lot is a GREAT CONCEPT with so much promise! It could be the KING of REALITY TV SHOWS – not the boring poorly paced dud of a show it has been.

On The Lot has been a major disappointment for me from day 1 and I tell ya I really wanted to like this show. I still want to like it, but whoever is producing the show and calling the shots has no clue about what compelling tv is all about. As the episodes drag on I urgently want to tell TIVO to delete… but I can’t… when the episode ends I get angry I wasted my precious time when so much GREAT TV is on my hard drive waiting for me.

Just because the names Spielberg and Burnett are attached does not make a good show. I’m a big fan of Survivor, the Apprentice and even like Pirates but On The Lot is an amateur production.

So – why do I keep watching? I really want to like it and have been curious if anyone important was watching and if the feedback might cure some of the ills.

So – what exactly is pissing me off so much about this show??? (more…)

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