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Pirate Master on CBS Reality TV

Sorry but Pirate Master Sucks

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Sorry but Pirate Master Sucks by Mike Liebner    

The show blows and has got to go… bye bye says Tivo!

OK, so it seemed like it might be a good Summer replacement for Survivor seeing that it comes from the same people associated with reality tv giant Mark Burnett.

I tried to give it a fair shot, but the last episode put me over the edge and I have now officially removed Pirate Master form both of my Tivos. It simply is not even worth watching in fast forward mode. Now that sucks!

Go ahead and blame it on the awful casting if you want, but I think the concept is what is really flawed big time, as setting the show on a creaky old pirate boat and having the contestants play, er, pretend, er contend as if they were real pirates is a concept with less merit than Jackass (any version). Not even the best actors would be fun to watch pretending they were pirates in a reality tv show, much less the motley crew of dorks they have on the show.

Like I said before, I do respect Mark Burnett, but sorry my man – you have let me and the peoples down big time – again.

Pirate Master is not just lame – it sucks!

I am so tired of the lame foot races where they’re racing to find a puzzle piece and bag of fake coins. It’s not clever. It’s not even a competition. It’s a freakin’ foot race with make believe pirates… how lame is that? 

They run… they fall… they complain… duh… to base a show around a weekly foot race for a fake pirates chest is an insult to reality tv watchers.

Zanzibar and mutiny and cutting them adrift may be clever bullet points for a 6th grade art class or drama project, but prime time tv demands much more than make believe reality tv. Is that what tv execs really want to fill the airwaves? Is that what people really want to watch? (more…)

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