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Ranting About Big Brother 8 on CBS

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here from TV Robot with an updated rant and rave session about the reality TV show Big Brother 8 on CBS and it’s cast of houseguests.

Big Brother 8 In this article I’ll review what’s been going on in the Big Brother house, plus dish dirt on all of the cast from a to z.  

No holds barred!

To put things into perspective it’s Friday, August 3, 2007 and it’s been 29 days since Big Brother 8 premiered on July 5th.

Wow! Has a month really gone by already? That means that the Summer too is half over… or is the summer “half full”???

The last complete BB8 rant I did on the full crew was on July 10th. Now with 24 days of viewing and digesting Big Brother 8 and the companion Showtime series “Big Brother After Dark” I have changed some of my opinions. You can see the original Scandalous Big Brother 8 Rants and Raves Here

By the way, if you really enjoy Big Brother 8 and like to read more into than the show provides, Reality Remix on Fox Reality Network is a great show that often does recaps and offers opinions.

Lately Reality Remix has had Big Brother alumni Marcellas on a few times discussing the shows goings on with host Kennedy. (Hi Marcellas! You’ve been very good on the show!)

Have a watch if you can! Watching Reality Remix every once in a while will make you feel like you know what’s going on with the other reality TV shows we do not watch.

First off I need to say that this crew of houseguests is the most unlikable batch I have ever seen. This is the first season I have watched that I find it difficult to identify with any one guest. Looking at the lineup overall it is disappointing. I simply don’t like too many of them. That said however, I am enjoying watching the show this year. Although last night when they evicted Nick I must say that I was feeling a bit low and even down on the show. I was mad and felt the energy level of the show was way too negative. Too many jerks and wimps in the house.

Last Nick joined Carol, Joe and Mike as evicted Big Brother houseguests.

The episode last night was a wicked and mean spirited one as we saw more of the bad side of Dick than ever. I know the shenanigans weren’t planned out, but it seemed to be a heavy episode with more drama and negative karma than ever.

I almost had to go wash off after all the sludge from that episode…

But, I pushed on after that episode ended and even watched a little bit of Big Brother After Dark and got back in the groove a bit.

It’s Friday, the morning after as I write this and I have forgiven the BB8 producers  pretty much for playing with me the way they did last night and I’m looking at it a bit more optimistically.

The main point I need to make is you do NOT need to like them to enjoy the show. Possibly in fact Big Brother 8 may be more fun to watch when you LOVE TO HATE THEM!

So, with that in mind let me go through the entire cast and give my feelings off the cuff and in detail. I’ll just tell you what I feel when I see the name in front of me. I invite you to do the same (register here and comment on this!) (more…)

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