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Who will win Survivor Philippines?

Well, another season of Survivor is coming to an end. The season finale for Survivor Philippines is on tonight, Dec. 16, 2012, and someone will become the next million dollar winner of this hit reality tv show!

Survivor: Philippines - Meet the Cast
Survivor: Philippines – Meet the Cast

So who are the 4 contestants still in the running for the big prizes (1st place million – 2nd place gets some good cash too)?

It’s a pretty good final 4 compared to seasons past. I like them all pretty much.

Malcolm Freberg – the one everybody expects to win. He’s been a nice guy and has been a good competitor but no one wants him to be next to them in the end. Could there be a jury backlash in favor of someone more deserving than Malcolm?

Lisa Whelchel – She was Blaire from the Facts of Life TV Show back in the day. She is now an older more mature woman and is god fearing and afraid to be a real player. I doubt anyone would give her the million. She was also wishy washy in my opinion.

Denise Stapley – fit and lean this woman has been playing areally good game. I could see her getting the million, possibly even if she sits next to Malcolm.

Michael Skupin – a past Survivor player who miraculously managed to make it to the end despite having a big target on his back. I don’t think anyone would vote for him regardless of who was sitting next to him.

Personally I think it will be either Malcolm or Denise that will win the million.

Here is a video with host Jeff Probst assessing the cast of Survivor Philippines.

Survivor: Philippines - Survivor: Philippines - Cast Assessment
Survivor: Philippines – Survivor: Philippines – Cast Assessment

Here are some links to videos you may find interesting.

Jeff Probst Survivor

CBS Survivor

Survivor Philippines Finale

Malcolm Freeberg – incorrect spelling with ee

More on Survivor at the official CBS Survivor page

And the best site to read Survivor articles is Sir Linksalot Survivor Philippines Links

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Big Brother 14 on Tumblr

If you’re a big fan of the reality tv show Big Brother 14 on CBS you’ll definitely want to go checkout Big Brother 14 on Tumblr

Tumblr is a great place to find cool stuff about the things you like.

Big Brother 14 on Tumblr

The Big Brother Blog at Tumblr is updated all the time! It’s really fresh!

One reason Tumblr is so cool for finding out news about Big Brother is that it’s super easy for people to blog on Tumblr because it’s a “microblog”! That means people can post short little blips, pictures, videos or even full articles – but the key is it’s fast and it’s fun and therefor a LOT of great stuff ends up on Tumblr!

Compare that to regular blogs like this one where you really need a little more SUBSTANCE for an article.

Tumblr is the opposite and only requires a picture if that’s all you want!

And a great feature of Tumblr is that people will find the good stuff and REBLOG it! They’ll put it on their blog and hot stuff can pass hands like wildfire.

Take for example the Team Britney post on the Big Brother on Tumblr blog. It’s been gaining momentum and is being passed around like crazy!

Also – some blogs like this one allow you to ask questions or even POST about Big Brother on the blog itself. That’s pretty vool!

Well – that’s all for now – get over to the tumblr blog and get in on the action for Big Brother 14!

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Big Brother 14 Premeiers Tonight on CBS

It’s here again! Big Brother is back!

One of my favorite shows is back for a 14th season (wow) and once again Julie Chen (aka Chen Bot) is the Host. Big Brother 14 on CBS is the king of summer reality tv shows!

Who knows if we’ll like the houseguests this year or if any pretty girls are part of the show – but at least we have Julie Chen!

Julie usually shows up only for the live shows (Thursday nights) and makes sure we get recaps of what happened during the time when the show is not on tv.

She tends to do a good job and is a great host!

To make sure you keep up on Big Brother 14 on CBS make sure you bookmark the following sites

Big Brother 14 on Tumblr

Big Brother CBS Site

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Look the Series on Showtime Kicks Butt!

Wherever you go – you are being watched by hidden cameras.

Wow – Showtime really nailed it with this new show called LOOK!

Look the series on Showtime reels you in and makes you feel like you’re a part of disturbing peeping tom like activities that are going on all around us all the time!

Who would ever believe that an episodic tv series shot to emulate the look and feel of low budget security camera footage could be SO GOOD!

Look on Showtime is not only good – it’s brilliant (that means great!).

It takes the concept or REALITY TV and amplifies that 100 fold by making you feel like you are a part of the action.

It’s about 3 or 4 weeks into the new series and seems to be revealing new episodes weekly. How long they’ll come out with new episodes – who knows! I hope a long time! It’s great!

Look for yourself >>>

Watch clips and see for yourself

It’s so realsitic you (or me) constantly forget that is it’s more than just hidden camera footage and they have complete storylines and plots developed that force us to follow and become acquainted with characters whom at first sight appear to be random.

But things develop and the realism of the raw looking footage makes us forget that Look the Series on Showtime is more than just dressing room camera footage and such.

Especially notable in the cast is Giuseppe Andrews, who plays a mini mart dude who plays his original music while all manner of crazy stuff happens. He does a a Myspace announced concert and the mini mart is taken over by people who come to watch him perform. The music is hooky and catchy and really good. I find myself humming the tunes after just one listen. They should consider a soundtrack release with the music!

Well that sums it up in a nutshell. You absolutely must check it out!

Look – the series on Showtime

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Primetime shines on Thursdays with Survivor Samoa

Primetime Network TV shines on CBS Thursdays with Survivor Samoa!!!

OK, so that’s not a big suprise, is it?

Survivor’s latest season in Samoa is a big time winner and great fun to watch! I love this show!

While it is mainly power playing dudes left in the game – we still have a few ladies who are surviving!

I’m still disappointed some of the lovliest lady contestants have already been voted off, but at least we still have a few beauties competing for the million dollar prize! (more…)

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The Problem With Big Brother

WHAT is the Problem With Big Brother?

OK, so that’s a snotty way to start a piece – by ragging on the almighty Big Brother…

I know… But hey – it happens every time the Big Brother show winds down to the end of the season. The trouble with Big Brother is that it gets boring towards the end and I almost lose interest.

Actually it happens to almost all reality tv shows that GET RID of the ‘contestants” or in Big Brother’s case – the houseguests.

It never fails to happen in Reality TV. Survival of the fittest is not always applicable.

As the better players, and often most attractive ones, and even the more highly “spirited” ones get knocked off the shows, the drama goes with them and things get a little lame at times.

Take the current installment of Big Brother 11. While it is still a good tv show and each episode has it’s moments, it has been getting more and more weak the past few episodes.

We’re near the end and it’s down to Jordan, Natalie, Michelle and the gay guy and it’s boring!

OH yes, his name is Kevin…Sorry!

Sure, they opened Pandora’s box and Natalie was hooked up with her boyfriend who proposed to her but soooo what! And then she lied – poorly… mild drama at best.

So – what is goin on now in the BB11 house??? (more…)

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I’m a Celebrity – you jerk – get me out of here!

NBC was criticized for bringing back a loser of a show when they set up a new version of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” a few weeks ago.

I admit I was going to pass on it but somehow ran across it as it was being shown and I must admit I was sucked in right away.

Mainly because Heidi and Spencer were such primadonna idiots! It was fun! And then they left and came back and by then I was actually enjoying the show.

Hey – I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – is FUN!

Now, I am not going to analyze it or go on much further, but I will say that the cast is really good – better than you would imagine. They almost all have flaws and show their weaknesses.

Sanjaya has really stood out as likeable. Same with Torrie.

In any event – there is another week to go I believe – check out I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here on NBC!

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Erik – The Most Stupidest Survivor Idiot Ever

Wow! I must admit I enjoyed the episode of Survivor 16 in Micronesia last night in which Erik fell prey to the ladies who suckered him into giving up his immunity.

Photobucket Erik was blindsighted and voted off last night.  

Is anyone other than Erik suprised???

As the last remaining Survivor girls were scheming last night, I kept thinking to myself how no one could be so stupid as to give up immunity. They were guilting Erik into making a gesture to show the jury he was redeeming himself for his lying and manipulating by giving his immunity necklace to Natalie.

Even Natalie didn’t believe Erik would fall for it – but Cirie helped push him over the edge saying she needed to see a gesture in order for her tochange her vote to get rid of Amber.

Erik fell for it.

The odd thing is he had immunity – what purpose could changing the vote to Amber make in his quest to be in the final 4???

And to makie matters worse – Erik has been had in the past when he was convinced to do something in return for not getting votes. They were ready to slam him before.


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Paradise Hotel is back? Holy Molee!

Fox Reality Channel and MyNetworkTV are upping the ante and bringing back one of the all time greatest reality tv shows – Paradise Hotel!

Get ready because Paradise Hotel will premiere on Monday, February 4 at 9PM ET on MyNetworkTV with a steamy creamy version showing on Fox Reality later the same night. (more…)

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No Big Brother & TV Show Spoliers Allowed!

The TV Robot web site is a SPOILER FREE ZONE!  No spoilers are allowed! (more…)

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