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Rock Star Supernova Finale Opens a New Chapter

 Rock Star Supernova Finale Opens a New Chapter by Roxanne McDonald

Okay, rocker purists, I was on the mark all along, and told you whenever I had the chance about how his talent and skill, his evocative and provocative style, and even his look would or should take him to winning.    

And Yee-hah!  Lukas has earned the right to front SuperNova.

The whole show was, well, super (and not just cause I got my way).

Brooke introduces the best of the best in the world – the final four, Magni, Toby, Dilana, and Lukas. 

She describes the previous night’s performances (part one of the finals) as “epic”, and shows clips of highlights.  Introducing the best of the best SuperNova and Dave Navarro, she prompts their thoughts on the remaining four.  Dave addresses Tommy, Gilbey, and Jason, saying how they can’t lose and how he can’t wait to see who he’ll be on tour with.

Brooke also reports that the previous night’s voting volume broke records across America, Iceland, and Australia. (more…)

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Don’t Spoil Rockstar Supernova For Me

Don’t Spoil Rockstar Supernova For Me by Mike Liebner

I know the season is already over but I have Tivo and it helps me watch all the great shows…  

Problem is Tivo has lots of stuff on it’s hard drive waiting for me each night. I can barely keep up. In fact I have two Tivo’s stuffed with all kinds of great programs.

In fact I still have the final two episodes to NYPD Blue, and West Wing on there waiting to be watched, not to mention most of last seasons episodes of The O.C. and Desperate Housewives.

So, you can see why I have fallen behind and am still not up to the Finale as the rest of the world is with Rock Star Supernova.

It’s not that I do not like the show, I do… It’s just that in the scheme of things it is not so urgent to watch it when I have Big Brother and now Survivor Cook Islands tugging at my consciousness.

So, where am I at with Rock Star Supernova???

Well, thepast 2 days I have watched 4 episodes throughout the days in the background while I did some work. Problem is more often than not I found it grabbing my full attention.It was far more engaging than I wanted to admit it was. (more…)

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Rock Star Supernova – behind the scenes is fun to watch!

Rock Star Supernova – behind the scenes is fun to watch! by Roxanne McDonald

Rockstar Supernova, Tuesday, September 5, 2006 opens with an assuaging announcement by Brooke – that Ryan has already made good on his promise that we have not seen the last of him and that he will see everyone on the charts, where he will be hanging out.   

That is, Ryan has the top three mp3 downloads on the MSN site. 

We then get to witness their after-show dinner and discussions, as well as their getting the opportunity to work with Gilbey by bringing their original songs to run through.  Toby gets props, while Lukas, Gilbey reports, came in in “true Lukas fashion … one chorus, one verse, knowing he could get by.”  Gilbey also discusses how Dilana is “outside her comfort zone.”

The final five got the word that they would be doing sets of two songs each, one older piece from the song board and one they had just written and practiced.

First up on Tuesday, then, is Dilana, braving the stage with a ripped calf muscle.  She changes up “Behind Blue Eyes,” which is engaging but which would have been better with that haunting ecoplex or back-up harmony for the words “behind blue eyes” (though house band Jimmy does come in for a few choral lines).

Before her second song, “Super Soul,” she says she hopes they ALL go a long way but promises if she is not right for Supernova, she will go on, for she has a super soul.  She hops a bit with that sore calf then just bounces away during the chorus.  Dave doesn’t like the original, but concedes that it is tough to follow a classic blues song like that.  Tommy disagrees, and Jason notes how strong will and effort are super important not just in the game but in this business. (more…)

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Rockstar Supernova goes to a Higher Level of Perfection

Rockstar Supernova goes to a Higher Level of Perfection by Roxanne McDonald

The elimination episode of Rockstar Supernova, Wednesday, August 30, 2006 was less dramatic as far as spotlight on one contender goes, but was impacting in other ways — some of the remaining six were even more profound, some brought the jams to a higher level of perfection, and one, getting eliminated, plucked at our sadness strings.    

It is down to the most powerful of performers, so trying to participate and vote for favorites, for example, is more of a challenge than would be for other performance reality shows.

  I mean, how do you say goodbye to any one of these incredibly talented stars?

Anyway, here is the recap of the night:

Brooke has us give it up for the final six, and then discusses last night’s voting stats. (more…)

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Rockstar Supernova was moving!

 Rockstar Supernova was moving! By Roxanne McDonald

Rockstar Supernova, Tuesday, August 29, 2006 was a moving recap of the emotions and follow-up of Dilana’s comments to Ryan and to the press last week. After she had apologized on the show, back at the mansion, Brooke reports, emotions were still raw. 

Storm offers to toast, and Dilana is reticent.  Lukas says to her and everyone at the dinner table that “life is a constant clinic.” 

Though they were forgiving and supportive, supporting her by telling her to overcome it, a choked-up Dilana says it will take her a while to get over it.  She feels, she tells the camera, her whole world has ended (implicit in this end is also the end of her rock career). (more…)

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Rock Star Supernova’s Elimination Night Aug. 23

Rock Star Supernova’s Elimination Night Aug. 23 by Roxanne McDonald


The one with the most poise, the one most likely to win maybe, has gotten a little egomaniacal already?

RockStar SuperNova’s elimination night (on August 23) was expected, though some of the subterfuge going on and shared with us on Wednesday was not. 

Evidently, as the house cams reveal, Dilana is starting to show off — in the wrong way.  First, she digs Ryan, telling him he would have been nothing without the house band; and then telling him in a taunting way, “I’m getting more votes than you.”  The remaining seven have been reading some of the comments and critiques on the Windows Live Space page, and one of the posts is addressed to Dilana and claims it is down to her and Ryan.  (Of course, thousands who know what they are talking about disagree.)  (more…)

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Rock Star Supernova Recaps

Rock Star Supernova Recaps by Roxanne McDonald 

zayra RockStar SuperNova, Wednesday, August 16, is like any Rock Star episode of this season or last (which was Rock Star INXS, for those of you who foolishly missed the best music reality show on TV).    

No, wait.  It is amped up a notch:  SuperNova hits the stage: Jason on bass, Gilbey on lead, and Tommy on drums… and Dilana fronting. 

The boys have opened the show with the preface that no one is anywhere near being “chosen” as the winner.

Tonight will start a series of weekly guest fronting, as SuperNova performs one newly written song for each of the next seven weeks: this week the guest spot will be taken by Dilana (great first choice on the band’s part, of course, for anyone with an ear is anticipating she WILL win this contest, anyway—if Lukas doesn’t).  (more…)

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